Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}

Long ago and far away, I did “ROFL Posts”–and by “ROFL” I meant “Roll-On-the-Floor-Laughing.” These posts were basically just a hodgepodge of memes, jokes, and text posts I’d collected on Pinterest or Tumblr, and they were a nice way to update my blog when I didn’t have much to say.

I’m bringing back the old ROFL Post today for two reasons. One is quite practical: I’ll be writing short-and-sweet posts this month (and maybe even recycling a few old ones!) while I invest more time and creativity into my Camp NaNoWriMo project (which I’m really excited about). A ROFL Post seemed like a great way to kick off this fun but temporary respite from long and drawn-out articles.

The second reason is more fun: Laughter is good for your immune system! And that’s something we all need right now, amiright? I’ve resolved to make up for canceled vacations and adventures by making April as exciting and beautiful as possible, but sometimes I just need a good laugh, too!

So without further ado, please enjoy this fine collection of memes and silliness 😉

I’ve listened to a lot of Celtic music in my time and can attest to the truth of this statement.
I’ll take mine black as the night, please.
Actually me when somebody tried to tell me I didn’t know what was said and done at the Council of Elrond.
Loki in “Thor: Ragnarok” was a gift to this universe.
…which was why I nearly died of embarrassment when I choked on a cough drop during a funeral a few weeks ago.
We call it “Culinary Creativity” now.
Look, even us introverts would like to go out every once in a while.
(*raises the three-finger salute*)
Have YOU ever been burned by a jalapeño? It is NO FUN.
I would like to have words with that person (from a distance of six feet).

Bonus Category: My Favorite Star Wars Memes (because I got my Rise of Skywalker DVD last week and I am one happy, happy camper)

But the question is…is this Hux talking about Kylo, or Kylo talking about Hux?
Now we put Ben and Poe in the same category. I’m just sayin’.
Fun Fact: I can’t listen to “You’ll Be Back” without thinking about Hux now.
The Skywalker/Solo Men need their wives: it’s literally the ONLY way to keep them from being a bunch of hot messes.

And last but not least, THIS TWEET…

…led to this masterpiece:

SOURCE: @iamcaseyjean on Twitter

So stay one (1) Adam Driver away from each other, peeps.

7 thoughts on “Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}

    1. I’m not even kidding about “You’ll Be Back.” I canNOT listen to that song anymore without thinking about Armitage Hux. (Nor can I watch The Emperor’s New Groove without mentally replacing Yzma with Hux. Seriously, those two need a moment to commiserate with each other over their intolerable bosses.)

      As for the group project…I read it in Domnhall Gleeson’s voice first, then read it in Adam Driver’s voice, and it was a TREAT. 13/10 would recommend this mental exercise 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is absolutely hilarious, oh my goodness…XD
    Stand one Adam Driver away. YES. XD
    LOKI IN THOR: RAGNAROK WAS A GIFT TO THIS UNIVERSE, YES. *laughs for thirty minutes*


    1. I actually wasn’t a big fan of Ragnarok, but Loki made the whole rather bizarre experience 100% worth it! That moment at the end when he storms into the battle against Hela, twirling his knives and wearing his helmet? My reaction to that moment was somewhere along the lines of “YEAAAAAAAAAAAH THAT’S MY BOY!!!” And I’ms someone who always had a strange relationship with Loki! I hated him with all my being after what he did to Phil Coulson, but then my heart softened towards him after he sorta-kinda gave his life for Thor in The Dark World…and I’m still not over those first ten minutes of Infinity War. These Byronic characters need to stop playing with my emotions like this.

      Liked by 1 person

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