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You love storiesEver since you were a little tyke, you’ve lived and breathed the tales of your favorite heroes–men and women (or boys and girls) like George Washington, Simba, Joan of Arc, Luke Skywalker, King David, and Frodo Baggins. Their stories resonated with you, making you hungry for adventures of your own and maybe even inspiring you to deeds of great courage!

Does this sound familiar? If so, then you’ve come to the right place–because this is my experience as well. And I’m here to tell you: there’s a reason you hunger for these stories so much!

My name is Maribeth; I’m a 27-year-old Christian storyteller, a homeschool graduate, the oldest of nine kids, a recovering people-pleaser, a lifelong Anglophile, and an unashamed fangirl of fantastic and electrifying stories. I grew up in a home where Story was deeply valued not just for our own enjoyment, but for honing our discernment and finding inspiration in flawed, admirable characters. When I first started this blog, I wanted to share these same lessons with my readers, and at the same time make real connections with other story-lovers.

But ever since I recognized the depth and beauty of sacramental theology and the power of the redeemed imagination, I’ve realized it’s all too easy to reduce the Christian worldview to a purely intellectual thing. We can have all our theological and philosophical ducks in a row, but if we don’t cultivate a passionate love for goodness, truth, and beauty, we’re no better than the crashing cymbals described by Saint Paul in 1 Corinthians 13. And if that wasn’t convicting enough, I also realized we can’t just love goodness, truth, and beauty for their own sakes. They have a Source: Jesus Christ. If we love the gifts without loving their Giver, we become idolators–and all our talk of heroism, love, and perseverance becomes flimsy, hollow sentiment.

But when we acknowledge and love the Giver, when we see His goodness in the noblest of heroes, His truth in the victorious fight against evil, and His beauty in the simple joys of life…then we will find new encouragement even in the stories we think we know so well.

The Evangelium [the Gospel] has not abrogated legends; it has hallowed them, especially the ‘happy ending.’ The Christian has still to work, with mind as well as body, to suffer, hope, and die; but he may now perceive that all his bents and faculties have a purpose, which can be redeemed…All tales may come true; and yet, at the last, redeemed, they may be as like and unlike the forms that we give them as Man, finally redeemed, will be like and unlike the fallen that we know.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings

Here at A Writer’s Tale, I examine movies, books, TV, and music from a Christian worldview–but I also review them from a Christ-saturated imagination. I want to help YOU find the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in great tales and songs–but I also want to help you recognize their true Source, even in the most unlikely of stories.

A Few Things You Should Know Before Ya Go…
Thanks again for stopping by A Writer’s Tale! I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay…and to quote two of my favorite characters of all time, “Live long and prosper,” and “Laugh hard, run fast, and be kind!
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