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The Great Love Bug Lament

Well, my friends, Hurricane Laura has come and gone–and while southwest Louisiana still looks like a war zone a week and a half out, my family and I (in the southeast portion of the state) made it through the outer edge of a Category 4 hurricane without losing electricity even for a minute. Miracles do happen, y’all. I posted a thank-you message on Instagram, but since it’s … Read More The Great Love Bug Lament


“I’m gonna need a hurricane check…”

{Header by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash) Greetings from the Gulf Coast, where we’re collectively rolling our eyes at 2020’s latest antics and bracing ourselves for not just one tropical storm today, but ANOTHER hurricane on Thursday! Oh alack, alack…this year, methinks, should take a chill pill. My family and spent the entire weekend preparing for Tropical Storm Marco and soon-to-be Hurricane Laura: prepping the property, … Read More “I’m gonna need a hurricane check…”


6 Ways I’m Keeping My Head Screwed On in August

Happy First Monday of August, friends! When I settled in my writing nook to compose this post, I had Anne Shirley’s quote, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” running through my head…except I mentally replaced “Octobers” with “Augusts.” Not that August is my favorite month. It’s actually my least favorite, haha. But I’m trying–I’m really trying, y’all–to keep my upper … Read More 6 Ways I’m Keeping My Head Screwed On in August