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2018: A Year in Review

Happy New Year! Or rather, Happy New Years’ Eve. It’s rather warm and rainy today, so we’re postponing our annual bonfire till the cool and clear weekend. But that’s fine: it gives us a chance to put away the last of the Christmas decorations. Goodbye, dear old Christmas tree…I’ll miss you the most. But before I say goodbye to 2018, it’s time for my … Read More 2018: A Year in Review


Of Weddings and Cupcakes and Old-Fashioned Desks

It’s been far too long since I last posted, but at least I have a really good excuse: my sister Emily and her fiancé Forrest were married on October 20th! My beautiful sister-in-law Jenni snapped this photo right after the wedding–which is the only reason she’s not in the picture with us. Her photography skills are out-of-this-world! (Be sure to check out her Facebook … Read More Of Weddings and Cupcakes and Old-Fashioned Desks


It’s a Whimsical Life

Here’s your apology in advance: my sister Emily is getting married in 19 days, and so blog posts may be sporadic and/or short ‘n sweet for the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, I’m quite busy and occupied with a few other interesting things apart from wedding prep. Here’s a quick, fun peek into my life right now! Number One: I’m halfway through my … Read More It’s a Whimsical Life