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6 Ways I’m Keeping My Head Screwed On in August

Happy First Monday of August, friends! When I settled in my writing nook to compose this post, I had Anne Shirley’s quote, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” running through my head…except I mentally replaced “Octobers” with “Augusts.” Not that August is my favorite month. It’s actually my least favorite, haha. But I’m trying–I’m really trying, y’all–to keep my upper … Read More 6 Ways I’m Keeping My Head Screwed On in August


Re-Post: “The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame”

I wrote this post last Good Friday, just days after a catastrophic fire devastated one of the most beloved sites in all of Christendom. That fire united the world in grief and horror in ways I don’t think any of us expected–yet a startling gift in the ruins reminded everyone just in time for Good Friday that “God is not dead, nor doth he … Read More Re-Post: “The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame”


4 Special Encouragements for Saint Valentine’s Day!

Much of this post was originally published in 2017, but I’ve altered and added to it to reflect my current convictions on the purpose-filled, Christ-centered life. I hope it blesses all my readers, no matter who or where you are!  Happy Saint Scholastica Day! This is the feast day of one of my favorite Christian heroines, the strong-willed, learned twin sister of Saint Benedict … Read More 4 Special Encouragements for Saint Valentine’s Day!


2019: A Year in Review

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you make any purchase through my links marked clearly with an asterisk, at no cost to you. Please read my full disclosure for more info. It’s that time of year again when I look back on the past twelve months before ringing in the new year! And this time … Read More 2019: A Year in Review


“God Bless Us, Everyone”

Before I say anything else, let me extend a huge thank-you to everyone who subscribed to my newsletter! Y’all have blessed and encouraged me more than you will know. The next newsletter will come out on New Year’s Day, and every four weeks after that. By the way, if you had trouble signing up on your phones, that problem has been resolved. Three cheers … Read More “God Bless Us, Everyone”

Rediscovering the Saints of Old

For the past six months or so I’ve immersed myself in church history, and it has been glorious. It’s also been a humbling, frustrating, and empowering experience. For one thing, I’ve seen that there really isn’t anything new under the sun: most (if not all) of the struggles the Church faces today have plagued her at some point or another in the past 2,000 … Read More Rediscovering the Saints of Old


“For Courage”

I have a folder in the lefthand drawer of my writing desk, and its contents have grown exponentially over the past few months. Every time I find a new quote, poem or article that inspires and encourages me, it goes in the folder. Some of these bits and pieces are selections I’ve had for years; others are brand-new. I thought I’d share a few … Read More “For Courage”


The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame

Then the young hero (who was God almighty) Got ready, resolute and strong in heart. He climbed onto the lofty gallows-tree, Bold in the sight of many watching men, When He intended to redeem mankind. –From “The Dream of the Rood” (Anglo-Saxon, 8th century, trans. Richard Hammer in 1970) Today is Good Friday, the first day of the Easter Triduum. This is the day … Read More The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame


Of Lenten Thoughts and the Story of Saint Patrick

I turned 27 two Sundays ago. It’s an elegant number, I think–far more so than 26. Maybe I’m odd, but I associate numbers with colors. 26, for example, is a somewhat boring grey with just a hint of blue, but 27 is a rich emerald green. I don’t know why, but that’s what it looks like in my mind! I really did have a … Read More Of Lenten Thoughts and the Story of Saint Patrick