My Second Sunshine Blogger Award!

Many thanks to Eva-Joy for bestowing upon me my second Sunshine Blogger Award! I've always found these are a lovely way to show appreciation in the blogging world...and a great way to update one's blog when one's schedule resembles a juggling act 😉   I just need to make a few housekeeping notes before delving into … Continue reading My Second Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hiatus Announcement! (And also a tag)

Hey there, peeps! Hope things are all well and good on your side of the Internet, and that you're having a lovely Memorial Day! As you can see from this post's title, I've got an unusual announcement to make: I've decided to take a month's hiatus from blogging. I still plan on sending out my … Continue reading Hiatus Announcement! (And also a tag)

Exciting Writing Updates + A Tag!

I know I didn't update the blog last Monday, but between my Good Friday post and a mile-long list of things to do, I just needed a short break. Last week was full of significant writing accomplishments, though, including 1) mailing my book proposal to a new publisher, 2) submitting my first query letter to a … Continue reading Exciting Writing Updates + A Tag!