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Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}

Long ago and far away, I did “ROFL Posts”–and by “ROFL” I meant “Roll-On-the-Floor-Laughing.” These posts were basically just a hodgepodge of memes, jokes, and text posts I’d collected on Pinterest or Tumblr, and they were a nice way to update my blog when I didn’t have much to say. I’m bringing back the old ROFL Post today for two reasons. One is quite … Read More Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}


The Five Things Tag

I’ve been keeping this tag for one of those weeks where I’m too busy to blog, soooooooo…after a week of Camp NaNoWriMo, shopping, visits from friends, and a nasty cold, here ya go 😉 Five things you’ll find in my bag: ONE: A notebook (a writer must never be without her notebook, which is precisely why I only buy purses that are big enough … Read More The Five Things Tag


Pinterest Finds (because I’m too busy to blog…)

Last week I just had zero blogging inspiration. If I don’t have anything to say then I’d better not say anything at all. But then this week, we had a serious health scare/crisis with my grandfather. He got out of a very successful surgery just this afternoon, and he’s doing great–but needless to say, I’ve been very preoccupied over the past few days. Add … Read More Pinterest Finds (because I’m too busy to blog…)