REPOST: The Star Trek “Rihannsu Series”

As I take a month's hiatus from writing new content for my blog, I invite you to revisit with me a few of my old posts. This one, a slightly-edited review of my favorite Star Trek novel series, was written on my old blog in April of 2016. This is awesome sci-fi literature, folks. And don't forget, … Continue reading REPOST: The Star Trek “Rihannsu Series”

Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}

Long ago and far away, I did "ROFL Posts"--and by "ROFL" I meant "Roll-On-the-Floor-Laughing." These posts were basically just a hodgepodge of memes, jokes, and text posts I'd collected on Pinterest or Tumblr, and they were a nice way to update my blog when I didn't have much to say. I'm bringing back the old … Continue reading Laughter: The Best Medicine {A ROFL Post}

The Five Things Tag

I've been keeping this tag for one of those weeks where I'm too busy to blog, soooooooo...after a week of Camp NaNoWriMo, shopping, visits from friends, and a nasty cold, here ya go 😉 Five things you’ll find in my bag: ONE: A notebook (a writer must never be without her notebook, which is precisely … Continue reading The Five Things Tag