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Lionhearted, Second Draft: COMPLETE!

(*excitedly bangs a spoon on the bottom of a pot*) Guys, guess what? I finished the second draft of Lionhearted!!! On May 14 I wrote, and I quote: “I hope to be finished by the end of summer. Ambitious much? Maybe. Lionhearted has thirty chapters and I’ve already edited eighteen of them in four months, so it’s possible. At least I’ve got a goal.” Well, somehow–through great perseverance and … Read More Lionhearted, Second Draft: COMPLETE!


“Whatchya Writin’?”

I post on Mondays, but here’s my blogging secret: I actually write my posts over the weekend. I usually have more time on the weekends and I really don’t like to use up my allotted novel-writing time during the week for blogging, so it makes sense. This weekend, however, was a little different thanks to our delightful Mother’s Day plans (including several visits with … Read More “Whatchya Writin’?”