Other Scribblings

I’ve been writing stories since I was 5 years old, but not until I graduated from high school and participated in the Long Ridge Writer’s Group did I get to focus on my writing more professionally. Operation Lionhearted, my debut novel published in October 2021, has its own page–but here you can peek at a few of my other projects, including my fanfiction and articles published elsewhere on the Internet.


Starting in January 2020, I’m breaking into the world of freelance writing! I’m also on the writing team for Cultivatinga quarterly online magazine dedicated to nurturing creative excellence and spiritual growth in Christians engaged in the arts. To that end, here’s an ongoing list of articles I’ve written for other blogs and online magazines:   

Notre Dame: Reflections on the Loss of an Icon of Truth & Beauty (published on Catholic VisionApril 2019)

Nashville Part 2: The Art of Writing Conference Q&A with Maribeth (published on Cosmos And A Cuppa, November 2019)

Cultivating a Christ-Centered Life (published in Milk & Honey Magazine, January 2020)

A Saving Rest (published in Cultivating, January 2020)

Fully Present & Accounted For (published in Cultivating, April 2020)

The Story-Formed Soul (published on Cosmos and a Cuppa, May 2020)

The Vibrant Life of Katie Mills (published in Cultivating, July 2020)

Harvesting in the Dark (published in Cultivating, September 2020)

The Hidden Gift of Persimmons (published in Cultivating, December 2020)

Gardeners, Awake (published in Cultivating, April 2021)

Of Monarchs and Milkweed (published in Cultivating, June 2021)

Cultivating the Wilderness (published in Cultivating, September 2021)

The Adventure of Contentment (published in Cultivating, December 2021)

A Tale of Two Rings (published in Cultivating, July 2021)


I am a great believer in fanfiction as both a writing exercise and a way of assuaging my broken heart after watching a movie or show that didn’t give my favorite characters the happy endings they DESERVE!

Ahem. Sorry about that; I’m just such a hopeless romantic.


This is where I first started posting my fanfics. My Man of SteelAvengersCranfordHunger GamesStar TrekStar Wars, and Band of Brothers stories are all here.


This is now my primary fanfic-posting spot, simply because it’s easier to use (and I prefer this site’s tagging system).

My Star Trek stories (primarily based on my love for the Kirk/Uhura ship) 

My Victoria stories (primarily Vicbourne, the only instance where I’ve veered into historical AUs)

My Doctor Who stories (beginning with my novel-length magnum opus, This Life We Choose)

My Star Wars stories (primarily Rey Skywalker/Ben Solo Happily-Ever-Afters)