I’ve been writing stories since I was 5 years old, but not until I graduated from high school and participated in the Long Ridge Writer’s Group did I get to focus on my writing more professionally. Operation Lionhearted, my upcoming science-fiction novel, has its own page–but here you can peek at a few of my other projects, including my fanfiction and articles published elsewhere on the Internet.


I enjoy doing NaNoWriMo, even if I don’t always hit the 50,000-word goal. It’s still a good opportunity and challenge to get those words down on paper.

NaNoWriMo Account: LadyEnterprise1701


I am a great believer in fanfiction as both a writing exercise and a way of assuaging my broken heart after watching a movie or show that didn’t give my favorite characters the happy endings they DESERVE!

Ahem. Sorry about that; I’m just such a hopeless romantic.

My Fanfiction.net page: LadyEnterprise1701 (This is where I first started posting my fanfics; my Man of Steel, Avengers, Cranford, Hunger Games, Star Trek, and Band of Brothers stories are all here.)

My Archive of Our Own page: LadyEnterprise1701 (I now post my fics here, as I find it’s a better platform. I have my Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Victoria stories here.)

Guest Posts

Notre Dame: Reflections on the Loss of an Icon of Truth & Beauty (a short article of mine published on Catholic Vision)

Nashville Part 2: The Art of Writing Conference Q&A with Maribeth (a guest post on my friend Caroline’s blog after our adventure in November 2019)

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