Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”

Once upon a time, a Twitter troll accused Joy Clarkson of being "aggressively happy." Clearly, this person thought they'd delivered the snappiest insult of the 21st century and given Miss Clarkson the what-for. Joy, however, in the Joy Clarksonest way possible, simply thanked the disgruntled individual and added the phrase to her Twitter bio--because, in … Continue reading Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”

Re-Post: “The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame”

Today is Good Friday--and yes, I know I don't normally update my blog on Fridays, but today is one of those gloriously important exceptions. What you'll read today is a repost of an article I originally wrote in 2019, just days after a catastrophic fire devastated one of the most beloved sites in all of Christendom. … Continue reading Re-Post: “The Great Eucatastrophe: Good Friday and Notre-Dame”

Book Review: “This Beautiful Truth”

I'm not sure I can do Sarah Clarkson's new book justice. Not only is it impossible to summarize its rich, resounding themes in one blog post, but This Beautiful Truth also came to me at a time when I was "a thundercloud of a soul" (as Sarah describes herself at one point in her own … Continue reading Book Review: “This Beautiful Truth”