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Gothel and Maleficent: A Study in Contrasts

I recently watched both Tangled* and Maleficent* for the first time, and I was absolutely enchanted by both! Tangled is a feat of pure Disney magic, easily one of the best “Disney Princess” movies I’ve ever seen, and hilarious to boot. As for Maleficent… talk about a powerful film that turned an old and, quite frankly, two-dimensional story on its head! The odd thing about these movies, however, is that our … Read More Gothel and Maleficent: A Study in Contrasts


Lions & Road Trips & Cathedrals–Oh My!

Oh my, what a weekend of fun and cuteness! My sister had her baby last Monday, and yesterday after church I arrived here at her apartment so I could help take care of the baby for 24 hours. My new little niece is ADORABLE. She’s so alert–but not so much that she won’t take her naps–and such a snuggle-muffin. The Aunt Life is a … Read More Lions & Road Trips & Cathedrals–Oh My!


Currently Speaking…

Greetings, everyone! I’m back after my two-week-long break from blogging. During those two weeks, I taught a Vacation Bible School class (the 3- and 4-year-olds) and then allowed myself some much-needed recovery time. The past six months have been a whirlwind for our whole family, but hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy our quiet little hobbit hole for at least the first part of … Read More Currently Speaking…