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Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less

A year ago I did 6 Movie Reviews in 100 Words or Less. Today, amid preparations for our annual “deep housecleaning” and continuing the long, hard slog of finishing Lionhearted 4.0 (finally hit the halfway point, thank goodness), I’m once again setting for myself this fun little summertime challenge! Here are four mini-reviews for you in 100 words or less: one TV show and three movies. … Read More Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less


The Ultimate Doctor Who Review, Part One

I’ve been looking forward to writing this ever since I got four whole series of Doctor Who for Christmas! I’ve already reviewed Series 8, Series 9, and Series 10, but except for this very old (and slightly preachy) post from 2012 and an announcement back in 2017 that I’d started watching Series 7, I haven’t really talked about anything pre-Twelfth Doctor in much detail. So let’s do … Read More The Ultimate Doctor Who Review, Part One


TV Review: Victoria, Season 3

After a week’s respite from blogging, I’m happy to report that 1) I’m officially a Camp NaNoWriMo winner, 2) I finished Victoria: Season 3, and 3) I SAW AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Y’all need to give me another week to process (and recover from) Endgame before I share my review, haha. As for Camp NaNo, I’m thrilled with my results, but not quite ready to share … Read More TV Review: Victoria, Season 3