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Hiatus Announcement! (And also a tag)

Hey there, peeps! Hope things are all well and good on your side of the Internet, and that you’re having a lovely Memorial Day! As you can see from this post’s title, I’ve got an unusual announcement to make: I’ve decided to take a month’s hiatus from blogging. I still plan on sending out my monthly newsletter on June 3, and I’ll be reposting … Read More Hiatus Announcement! (And also a tag)

Redeeming The Rise of Skywalker: Vlogging With Emily!

Two weeks ago, Emily of The Altogether Unexpected and I collaborated on “Defending The Rise of Skywalker,” a mega-post where we discussed exactly why we love the rather controversial, admittedly flawed, but nevertheless wonderful final film of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. This week, we are so excited to bring you Part 2: our VIDEO discussion on The Rise of Skywalker‘s redemptive themes! Enjoy our musings on how you can … Read More Redeeming The Rise of Skywalker: Vlogging With Emily!


Book Review: “The Enlightenment of Bees”

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, meaning I receive a small commission if you make any purchase through links marked clearly with an asterisk, at no cost to you. Please read my full disclosure for more info. In my ongoing battle with insomnia, I’ve been reading for at least 20 minutes before bed. Most nights it helps: I know I’m ready to go to … Read More Book Review: “The Enlightenment of Bees”