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Rediscovering the Saints of Old

For the past six months or so I've immersed myself in church history, and it has been glorious. It's also been a humbling, frustrating, and empowering experience. For one thing, I've seen that there really isn't anything new under the sun: most (if not all) of the struggles the Church faces today have plagued her… Continue reading Rediscovering the Saints of Old

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Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less

A year ago I did 6 Movie Reviews in 100 Words or Less. Today, amid preparations for our annual "deep housecleaning" and continuing the long, hard slog of finishing Lionhearted 4.0 (finally hit the halfway point, thank goodness), I'm once again setting for myself this fun little summertime challenge! Here are four mini-reviews for you in 100… Continue reading Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less

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The D-Day Blogathon: “Band of Brothers” Spotlight

Last month, Eva of Coffee, Classics, & Craziness and Hamlette of Hamlette's Soliloquy announced they'd host a "blogathon" in honor of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. They encouraged the blogging world to write about the Normandy landings, and if we liked, we could review books, movies, and TV shows on the subject. These articles would… Continue reading The D-Day Blogathon: “Band of Brothers” Spotlight


TV Review: Victoria, Season 3

After a week's respite from blogging, I'm happy to report that 1) I'm officially a Camp NaNoWriMo winner, 2) I finished Victoria: Season 3, and 3) I SAW AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Y'all need to give me another week to process (and recover from) Endgame before I share my review, haha. As for Camp NaNo, I'm thrilled… Continue reading TV Review: Victoria, Season 3


TV Review: The Crown, Season 2

I've been looking forward to the second season of The Crown* ever since my parents, sisters, and I finished the first one--albeit it with certain reservations. I'd heard that at least one of the episodes in Season 2 was quite smutty, and while I enjoyed the first season, I took issue with the way it portrayed… Continue reading TV Review: The Crown, Season 2


Movie Review: “Dunkirk”

I first saw Dunkirk* last year while it was still in theaters. While I definitely enjoyed it, the experience was hampered by the fact that I still find some British accents hard to understand without subtitles (especially in loud action scenes) and the non-linear storytelling was confusing, even though my brother had warned me about it.… Continue reading Movie Review: “Dunkirk”

Trekking Out of the Hobbit Hole

Trekking Out of the Hobbit Hole: WWII Re-Enactment!

I think I've pretty much established my passion for World War II history on this blog. It's been my favorite time period ever since I was little. So many of my favorite movies/TV shows revolve around it, our whole family vacation this year centered around walking in the footsteps of the famous Band of Brothers--and… Continue reading Trekking Out of the Hobbit Hole: WWII Re-Enactment!