RELEASE DATE: Operation Lionhearted!

OPERATION LIONHEARTED: A classified file created by Councilor Margaret Tremaine and Maria Stagg a year after the Valyan Revolution. Contents: Two interviews and a collection of DNA matches. Declassification date: TODAY. RIGHT NOW. THIS VERY MOMENT. In other words, MY NOVEL HAS BEEN RELEASED INTO THE WILD! AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON IN PAPERBACK AND KINDLE … Continue reading RELEASE DATE: Operation Lionhearted!

The World of Operation Lionhearted

World-building is one of my favorite things about storytelling...and you probably won't be shocked to hear that I blame J.R.R. Tolkien. A prolific world-builder himself, Tolkien created an entire "mythopoeia"--a fictional mythology so rich and complex that writers have envied, imitated, and sighed over it for over half a century. I'm nowhere near as brilliant … Continue reading The World of Operation Lionhearted

The Operation Lionhearted Blog Tour Begins (+ a Giveaway)!

At long last, I've reached the final stretch in this labor of love. This precious story of mine, a critical part of five of the most meaningful, maturing years of my life, is just nine days out from its grand debut...and therefore I'm delighted to announce the start of the Operation Lionhearted Blog Tour! What … Continue reading The Operation Lionhearted Blog Tour Begins (+ a Giveaway)!