“A Good Man With a Good Heart”

I'd intended on sharing a rather humorous, post-hurricane update today, something I wrote on Friday morning about a pesky little insect that plagues the Gulf Coast at the peak of hurricane season. It's funny and I'm proud of it...but we lost one of our great Marvel storytellers on Friday night, and I'd far rather postpone … Continue reading “A Good Man With a Good Heart”

I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)

Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments on last week's post! I appreciate each and every one, and I'm so glad if that "recycled" article blessed you in your own purpose-filled journey. But as content as I now am in my singleness, I'm still a hopeless romantic--especially when it comes to stories. I … Continue reading I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)

Movie Review: “Doctor Strange”

I mentioned in my recent Sherlock post that rewatching Avengers: Infinity War* and paying a lot more attention to the character of Doctor Strange sparked a renewed appreciation for Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, I've known about this guy since I was all of fourteen and he was a baby-faced nobody in Amazing Grace, and thirteen … Continue reading Movie Review: “Doctor Strange”