REPOST: Doctor Who Music!

As I take a month's hiatus from writing new content for my blog, I invite you to revisit with me a few of my old posts. This one was originally written in March of 2019 and has been slightly edited. Don't forget, you're still more than welcome to leave comments! I'm not ghosting this place completely! Amazon … Continue reading REPOST: Doctor Who Music!

The Ultimate Doctor Who Review, Part Two

On Tuesday I shared my thoughts on the Russell T. Davies Era of Doctor Who (the Ninth and Tenth Doctors). Today I'm so excited to share my thoughts on the Steven Moffat Era (the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors)! Please remember that the Moffat Era did bring me into Doctor Who, so my personal views/preferences are … Continue reading The Ultimate Doctor Who Review, Part Two

Music Review: Doctor Who Series 5-9

I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that my mom and I have been watching Doctor Who together--and it has been fantastic. Her no-nonsense commentary and her indignation if ever I fail to warn her about a Scary Moment are worth their weight in gold. We love Eleven and Twelve the best, agree … Continue reading Music Review: Doctor Who Series 5-9