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Behold, a New Blog Name!

Dear Friends, never fear! In spite of a new blog name, it is I, Maribeth, a humble Hobbit at your service and your family’s. And if you’re reading this on my actual website as opposed to your inbox, you’re also noticing another Really Big Change. Scratch that–you’re probably noticing LOTS of changes. Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, meaning that I receive a … Read More Behold, a New Blog Name!


Two Tags For a Scatterbrained Weekend

I’ve been so mentally busy these past two weeks with studying the publishing process for Lionhearted, I reached this weekend with very little to blog about! Thankfully both Amelie of the Swordmaiden of the King and Emily of The Altogether Unexpected each sent me a tag about a month ago, so I’m gonna do them both in one fell swoop! 


Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less

A year ago I did 6 Movie Reviews in 100 Words or Less. Today, amid preparations for our annual “deep housecleaning” and continuing the long, hard slog of finishing Lionhearted 4.0 (finally hit the halfway point, thank goodness), I’m once again setting for myself this fun little summertime challenge! Here are four mini-reviews for you in 100 words or less: one TV show and three movies. … Read More Summertime Mini-Reviews in 100 Words or Less