Virtual Assistance

Not only am I a published novelist, but as of January 2022, I’m also a virtual assistant! Since receiving training in this fast-developing, online-based business, I now offer administrative and social media assistance to my fellow creatives and small business owners, so they can focus on their passion projects instead of proofreading emails, designing websites, and managing multiple social media accounts.

I graduated from IAP Career College‘s Virtual Assistant Certificate Course in December 2021, but I have 10 years of experience in writing, editing, and research, and 8 years of experience with social media and WordPress. I also have a demonstrated track record for producing written material and answering correspondence in deadline-driven environments. I consistently take initiative, conduct and provide thorough research, and aim for quality content and results!

If the support and camaraderie of a virtual assistant sound like something you and your small business need, then let’s get in touch! I offer a variety of services and several different packages, depending on your needs. Just click the “Let’s Begin!” button at the bottom of this page, fill out the consultation form, and we’ll get to work creating a customized plan perfect for you and your business!


(10% “Open For Business” Discount lasts till 3/10/22)

Tier One: Bronze (10 hours a month, approx. 1/2 hour a day)

Best if you need minimal assistance with…

  • inbox management
  • editing/proofreading
  • social media content
  • light research
  • spreadsheets

$250 a month

10% DISCOUNT PRICE: $225 a month

TIER TWO: SILVER (20 Hours a month, approx. 1 hour a day)

Best if you need moderate assistance with…

  • inbox management
  • editing/proofreading
  • social media graphics
  • email newsletter updates
  • website/blog updates

$500 a month

10% DISCOUNT PRICE: $450 a month


Best if you need advanced assistance with…

  • inbox management
  • intensive research
  • writing, editing, and proofreading
  • social media graphics and content
  • website/blog design, maintenance, and updates
  • email newsletter design and updates
  • …and more!

$750 a month

10% DISCOUNT PRICE: $675 a month

the website creation package (Design and Launch Only)

Do you just need a site for your small business or creative platform, but you’re intimidated by the technical details? I can help you:

  • set up your WordPress account
  • create pages and menus
  • design and launch your personalized site



(If you don’t use all the hours in your package, up to 3 hours roll over to the next month if you purchase another package of hours. Rollover hours expire after 30 days.)

Individual hours may be purchased at a rate of $27.50 $24.75 an hour.

Questions about purchasing individual hours? contact me!
2 SLOTS AVAILABLE as of January 14, 2022