A List of Accomplishments

This week I was going to do a review of Darkest Hour, the most recent (and wonderful) Winston Churchill biopic starring Gary Oldman…but I used up all my mental energy editing the very long Chapter 26 of Lionhearted this morning, so I’m going to excuse myself from that blogpost this week. I got a lot of other things done over the past week, though, such as…

• Teaching the Pre-K 1 Class at our church’s VBS! I had between 22-25 students each day, all of them four-year-olds (or about to be four)…and eighteen of them were very energetic little boys. Needless to say, my classroom helpers and I were quite busy. But I made lots of new little friends, spent some wonderful time with several of the ladies in our church (you really get to know people when you’re working with them everyday), and got a lot of exercise, haha. Plus, some of the kids in my class actually go our church, so I still get to see them every week. When I heard cries of “Teacher, Teacher!” yesterday just before Sunday School, I’m pretty sure my heart burst into song.

• In spite of being gone every morning, I managed to finish editing two chapters of Lionhearted. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be finished with my second draft next week! I’ve even rewarded myself with a present–but I refuse to open it until I get to the last page and run a final spellcheck. I even have these two guys guarding the package for/from me.

Little Mr. Golden Boy and Little Mr. Oncoming Storm are gonna be really shocked when they find out what they’ve been guarding.

• I went to the library yesterday and brought home what I consider a decent haul:

I’ve always wanted to read an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, and although I was looking for the Cranford stories I was just as pleased to find North and South. So far I’m really enjoying it! I’ve also always wanted to read an older biography of Queen Victoria that isn’t tainted by 21st century feminism (major pet peeve of mine.) And last but certainly not least, I’ve always wanted to finish out the Capaldi Era of Doctor Who…in spite of the increasing probability that I will cry like a baby at the end.

• My parents and I watched the second to last episode of Call the Midwife Season 7 last night. Yes, this is an accomplishment because it was The Episode We’ve All Been Dreading…and Mom and I wept. (Hmm…I seem to cry a lot for TV shows these days–I promise I’m a happy person!) This show is so beautiful, so tender and tragic and joyful and real, you can’t help getting attached to the characters and empathizing with them. And when one of them dies…it’s like you’ve lost a friend.

@ Google Images

The writers mean to kill us, I do believe. And yet it continues to be one of my favorite shows, and I can’t wait for the next season.

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