Poll: What Should I Name My Novel?

As y’all know, I’m working hard on the book proposal for my novel–and as of today, I’m near the 50% mark! It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned so much!

But today I’m asking my readers to help me make an important decision: what will the final title of this book be?

PROMISE. FUNCTION. READY. FALSE. (Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pexels)

Yes, it’s a very-late-in-the-game decision. Lionhearted, the working title for the better part of three years, was initially inspired by my own need for courage during a bleak period of my life. I channeled much of my fear, anger, and grief into the character of Lindy Tremaine, and we both came out on the other side as better, stronger, more faith-filled women.

But as I’ve worked on my book proposal, I’ve started to worry that this title may be too vague for publishers–and for readers. It certainly doesn’t give much indication about what kind of story this is. In fact, when I discussed it with one of my sisters, she said “Lionhearted” could easily be the title of a medieval or high fantasy novel–NOT the impression I want to give.

Thankfully, the story itself offers another possibility! In one of the most critical moments of the novel, Lindy’s superior officers hand her a classified file containing the biggest secret in the Kellan Star System: “Operation Lionhearted.” I could make this the title of the book. Not only is Operation Lionhearted the point on which the entire novel stands (spoiler alert!), but adding the word “Operation” to the title gives it more of an adventurous, quasi-military, Mission Impossible vibe.

Now, however, let’s throw in the feedback of several of my Twitter friends, who suggested “Operation Lionheartinstead. I’m concerned that that title may carry medieval connotations as well (anybody thinking of Richard the Lionheart?), but it’s still a legitimate option.

Here are the results from a poll I conducted on Twitter this past weekend:

That’s pretty close–but it doesn’t account for the unexpected addition of “Operation Lionheart,” and it’s still only 44 votes. So I open the question to a somewhat larger audience–and this time I’m including the third option. If you already voted on Twitter, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VOTE AGAIN! I want to gather as much feedback as possible at this point!

On your mark…get set…VOTE! (It’s more fun than a presidential election, anyway.)

Here, have a Sherlock GIF because 1) I’m watching it (again) and 2) THE GAME REALLY IS ON.

6 thoughts on “Poll: What Should I Name My Novel?

  1. Ok, here’s what I think. I think we should eliminate Operation Lionheart right now. Here is the reason. I googled the name Operation Lionheart and got this from a post dated last month. It’s from the Leicestershire police in England. “Operation Lionheart has been launched to target County Lines activity involving the sale and distribution of drugs”. Maybe the name could be changed to “The Lionheart File”.

    If that doesn’t sway you maybe this will. You wrote the book and you should have the right to name it what *YOU* choose. The publisher may have some ideas unless the name becomes a deal-breaker. I’m going to fight tooth and nail to keep the name I chose for my as yet unfinished book. But it all comes down to this Maribeth. You wrote the book, it’s your baby, you should name it what *YOU* choose.


    1. Haha, I saw the exact same thing yesterday as I was mulling over the possibility of Operation Lionheart. Although I’m not really feeling that title anyway, it’s so obscure that it might not matter. Yet I also know that I’m prone to the “can’t see the forest for the trees” tendency, and I believe it’s really good at this point to hear other people’s opinions. After all, I’m basically asking them, “If YOU saw my book on a shelf at Barnes & Noble, would the title prompt you to pick it up?” I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep some aspect of “Lionhearted” in the title, but I’m open to changing it in small ways to solidify my genre.


  2. I really like the title “Lionhearted.” I will be honest that I thought it was a medieval/fantasy novel this entire time (just from the title i.e. Richard the Lionhearted), but I think if you had a cover and a synopsis that suggested something other than fantasy, it would be really unique and interesting! I would have voted on your Twitter poll, but my phone has been reduced to mere texts, emails, and calls until further notice, so I am starved of social media *sighs*. Nevertheless, I think “Lionhearted” is a great name, and THIS IS YOUR PRECIOUS BOOKIE. You name him what you want, my friend. I’m excited to read it… 😉
    Emily 🙂


    1. Ahhhhhh, see, that’s what I’m concerned about–that medieval/fantasy vibe! But yes, I’m hoping for a very action/adventure, espionage-y cover, so hopefully that will dispel any such thoughts! Thanks for the encouragement, Emily–I really appreciate it! 🙂

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  3. I’ll give you my humble opinion: I’ve no idea what your novel will be about (or just a vague one I got from reading your posts!) but I personally really like the title Lionhearted. It’s intriguing and draws image of strength and bravery, which seems to suit your heroine judging by what you’ve said about her. But overall just choose the one you feel in your heart is right!
    PS I hope you don’t find it weird that a stranger is commenting on your posts, I’ve been following you for quite a while and found fit to leave a comment !


    1. Hello, Nadine!! No, I don’t find it weird at all that you’re commenting–in fact, I happily welcome it! I’ve noticed you “liking” my posts recently, so it’s lovely to finally talk to you. Thank you so much for voting and then explaining your opinion in the comments. The feedback is really helping me articulate for myself the pros and cons of each possible title.

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