Behold, a New Blog Name!

Dear Friends, never fear! In spite of a new blog name, it is I, Maribeth, a humble Hobbit at your service and your family’s. And if you’re reading this on my actual website as opposed to your inbox, you’re also noticing another Really Big Change.

Scratch that–you’re probably noticing LOTS of changes.

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I loved the name Trekking Thru Hobbit Holes. In fact, typing it out like that makes my heart ache just a little bit. Trekking Thru Hobbit Holes was so fun and blended my love for fantasy and science fiction so well, it’s been a wrench to give it up.

But as I’m learning more and more about marketing and preparing to step out into the publishing world, I’ve realized that I could be setting myself up for trouble if I kept that name. Middle-Earth Enterprises, the company that owns the rights to The Lord of the Rings, guards their acquisition closely, and more than one small business has gotten in trouble for using the word “Hobbit” in their names/titles. If I start publishing articles and books, and my name and my blog become (slightly) more well-known, I really don’t want to get any nasty letters demanding I change my website’s name.

Hence the new name: A Writer’s Tale! Tolkienites will recognize the subtle, affectionate nod to Bilbo Baggins, beloved author of There and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale. You will also notice some new pages, and that my URL has changed to a simple “” This, again, is simply me utilizing some of the things I’m learning about the marketing/publishing world.

Rest assured, however: the blog itself has not and will not change. I’m still the same old Maribeth, happily playing in my sandbox of movies, books, and TV.

In the meantime, what can y’all look forward to on the blog?

  • I just finished re-reading The Silmarillion*. This hauntingly beautiful book is far more deeply theological than I remembered–but then again, I’m more familiar now with Tolkien’s faith and motivations in writing it. I’ll be sharing a review of The Silmarillion next week!
  • I’ve also been watching Chernobyl *, the highly-acclaimed HBO series on the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. I don’t know what to do with my emotions, guys. Thanks to well-written, well-acted characters and the bravery of the workers and scientists who narrowly averted an even worse catastrophe, I’m definitely obsessed. Stay tuned for a review of Chernobyl within the coming weeks, as well.
  • I’m still working on my monthly newsletter, which will (hopefully!) be ready to launch next month–and I’m also finishing up a small digital gift for everyone who signs up for the newsletter!
  • Last but not least, I hope you’re looking forward to my annual New Year’s Tag as much as I am! I always enjoy looking back on the past year and naming the highlights. 2019 has been very exciting, full of new lessons and blessings. It’ll be a very fun New Year’s post, I can promise you that. 
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

With those teasers in place–along with a promise to return to our regular programming next week–I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

[UPDATE] I just realized that, thanks to my new theme/blog settings, your email alerts contained a “Read More” tag this morning. I have since resolved this issue, and you should once again see the blog post in its entirety next week. Thanks for your patience! 

10 thoughts on “Behold, a New Blog Name!

  1. Aw, I really like this new title!! And the new theme looks *amazing* as well!! Congrats on getting everything changed over smoothly! (I’ve changed my own blogs’ themes enough to know how complicated that can be sometimes, lol) 😊


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