ANNOUNCING: My very own newsletter!

I’ve been teasing this on my blog and my Twitter account for several weeks now, but at last, after lots of preparation, nervous jitters, and prayer, I can finally reveal the Big Thing…

The Wordsmithery, a monthly newsletter from A Writer’s Tale!

The Wordsmithery, a monthly newsletter from Maribeth Barber

If you had asked me a year ago if I’d ever start a newsletter, I would’ve been quite taken aback. It’s not something I’ve ever considered until the past couple of months–but once my thoughts were steered in that direction, I actually got excited about the idea!

But here’s the thing, dear readers (and I want to be very honest and up-front about this): I need your help.

I’m nearly finished with my book proposal for my novel, Operation Lionhearted...except for the one part of the proposal that brought me to a screeching halt: the marketing section. One of the things publishers really want to see, especially from first-time authors, is the presence of an established email lista list of dedicated readers who’ll be there to read and maybe even promote a book once it’s finally published.

This kind of email list is different than when you subscribe to a blog. This is more like establishing a loyal fanbase…and I can’t do it without you and your help.

But it’ll also be a lot of fun for everyone, too! The Wordsmithery has become a labor of love for me, and I’m so excited about offering my readers some exclusive content that you won’t find here on A Writer’s Tale. That special content will include:

  • exclusive updates on my life and my writing that you won’t find on the blog (or you’ll at least hear about it before anyone else!)
  • monthly recommendations (podcasts, books, articles, movies, etc.)…
  • micro-reviews (1-2 sentences long!)…
  • inspiring quotes…
  • …and liturgical treasures to enrich your Christian life.

The Wordsmithery won’t be a long newsletter, but I do hope it’ll be a morsel of goodness and encouragement in your inbox once a month. As a sincere thank-you gift, I’m offering all subscribers a free PDF, The Secret Weapons of a Good Story. (YES, I created my own freebie!) Just sign up and download from your welcome email. It’s that easy!

Just a few more notes of clarification and information before I invite you to the sign-up form:

  • This is NOT the same as your current blog subscription! If you’ve signed up to receive my blog posts by email, you will STILL get those emails. The Wordsmithery is something entirely different that you will receive once a month (and on the rare occasion when there’s a Major Update on my book). Conversely, by signing up for The Wordsmithery you are NOT signing up for my latest blog posts. That is a separate subscription.
  • DON’T WORRY–I will never sell or give away your email address, and I will never send you spam. I cherish you and I never want to betray your trust with either blatant dishonesty or tacky emails.
  • The first edition of The Wordsmithery goes out THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, December 18th! Sign up now so you don’t miss this very special, Advent-themed letter. Future editions will go out on the first Wednesday of every month, so you’ll get another edition on New Years’ Day and then another one every four weeks or so.

Without further ado, here’s the sign-up form. Thank you so much helping me out with this. I appreciate each and every one of my readers; I couldn’t climb this very daunting mountain without you!

Hooray! You're on the list. Check your inbox for your welcome email and your free download!

5 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING: My very own newsletter!

  1. Oh yes yes yes! Sign me up! I just sent in my email – this sounds so awesome! And I can’t wait to get your Writing Tips pdf as well…so excited for that! I love advice from my favorite writers, and you’ve been such a help and support for me as I find myself starting out on my own writing adventure. So stoked to be apart of your mailing list! It sounds so fun, and I can’t wait for the theological bits you’ll send, too…especially as I love your theology on church saints, cathedrals, and Catholic/Anglican church traditions (heart eyes). Did you celebrate St. Lucia day?

    Also wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and lovely comments on all the chapters of my Adlock fic – it always brightens my day to see I’ve got a review from Lady Enterprise. πŸ™‚ It means a lot!


    Emily πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, Emily, this whole comment blessed my heart! I’m so sorry it’s only taken me four days to respond, haha! I hope you enjoyed the PDF; I had a lot of fun putting it together and studying the original Greek words of Philippians 4:8. Everything makes SO MUCH SENSE when you go back and look at the original context of certain passages of Scripture. We have all that at our fingertips now, thanks to the Internet πŸ˜‰

      I definitely REMEMBERED Saint Lucy’s Day, haha…but I was so busy on Friday with Christmas choir rehearsals and housecleaning, I didn’t actually celebrate it. Oh well. I AM going to pray and meditate on the Antiphons starting this week, though!

      Aww, I’m so glad my comments on your story are an encouragement. I love that story and can’t wait to see what happens!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I absolutely loved the PDF! It gave me a lot to think about and meditate on in my own writing! I want each of those qualities present in my stories, and I want my readers to feel them radiating from the storyline and actions of the heroes; whether its an original novel or my fanfiction – it will be read, and whether or not it draws/points my readers to Christ is what matters most. It’s why we tell stories. So, yes! I loved the PDF! The Greek was fun, too! I bet it was fun to make!

        I just learned about St. Lucy this year and her story melted my heart. She is officially one of my favorites with St. Hildegard. Those female saints and abbesses and nuns did some amazing things for Christ and it makes my heart so happy. Girl power πŸ˜‰ And read those Antiphons! Those make my heart so glad. Have you heard Malcom Guite’s poems about them? They’re glorious! It’s so nice to find another soul who loves these things…

        I’ll definitely be posting more to my story soon! I’ve never been so invested in a writing project before, and you’re support helps so much πŸ™‚

        Happy Christmas! Oopsies for the long comment! xD

        Emily πŸ™‚


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