I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)

Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments on last week’s post! I appreciate each and every one, and I’m so glad if that “recycled” article blessed you in your own purpose-filled journey.

But as content as I now am in my singleness, I’m still a hopeless romantic–especially when it comes to stories. I love a good old-fashioned fairytale–all the best love stories reflect the Greatest Love Story in some way or another, right?

I’m also the kind of person who couldn’t possibly name just one OTP (One True Pairing). Who needs only one little ship when you could have a whole ARMADA, hmm?

So NO, I’m NOT anti-romance. I love my OTPs. I love the fact that they all counterbalance and believe in each other, and I just want them to be happy, keep house together, and have many beautiful babies. Some of my OTPs are canonical, others are most decidedly not, and none of them are in any particular order in this postbut they all make my heart go pitter-patter!

(All pictures are from Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, or Twitter.)

The Doctor & Clara Oswald

I place this ship within the “Canonical Column”–but even if you don’t ship them romantically, it’s hard to deny the chemistry and devotion between the Doctor and his Impossible Girl. They’re such a Power Couple, there’s even a whole Gallifreyan prophecy about them and the universe-defying love they have for one another. “Whouffaldi,” as this ship is called in the Twelfth Doctor’s era, may very well be the flagship of my Armada, especially since I’ve got a whole series of fanfic about them under my belt.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: The Doctor to Clara: Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter

What’s not to love about these two? Peggy knew Steve was a Quality Gentleman™ long before he was transformed into a super-soldier–and he thought she was the bee’s knees the moment he first laid eyes on her. This an old-fashioned “friends-to-lovers” romance full of chivalry, missed opportunities, devastating loss, and–ultimately–a happy ending. Throw rotten tomatoes at me if you please, but I’ll always be glad they finally got their Happily-Ever-After in Avengers: Endgame.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: The scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where he said he was waiting for the right partner and she just looked at him like, “I think I’m gonna marry this boy.”

Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff

Steve gets TWO WHOLE MENTIONS in this post: we just wanted him to be happy! Before I knew he and Peggy would end up together, my sister Carolyn convinced me there was some serious chemistry going on between Captain America and Black Widow. It’s not canonical, but I still ship it in its own context! Steve and Natasha couldn’t be more different, both in personality and background–yet they learn to trust, tease, and comfort each other in a way that reminds me of an old, adorable married couple.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: Natasha: “If it was the other way around, and it was down to me to save your life–and you be honest with me–would you trust me?”  Steve: “I would now. And I’m always honest.”

Queen Victoria & Lord Melbourne

Okay, this one is DECIDEDLY in the “Non-Canonical Column!” And yet…IF the Victoria miniseries was fictional, and IF I were the writer, Victoria would’ve ended up with Melbourne and NOT with Albert, who does very little in their relationship other than make her feel small and stupid. Melbourne, by contrast, believes in her, loves her, and never ever ever insults her intelligence. I still have Extremely Strong Feelings about this (and yes, I did write fanfic to assuage my broken heart).

The Part That Made Me Ship It: Melbourne: “To me, Ma’am, you are every inch a Queen.”

Rey Skywalker & Ben Solo

I refused to ship Rey with Kylo Ren for four whole years because I have Principles™–but in the wake of his beautiful and very heroic redemption, I have NO QUALMS about the (100% canonical) love between Rey and Ben SoloThey only got a short amount of time together (a tragedy from which I may never fully recover), yet the trust, selflessness, and compassion they had for each other not only turned me into the world’s fastest “Reylo” convert, but singlehandedly cured me of a severe case of writer’s block

The Part That Made Me Ship It: The moment pictured above, when all he has to do is smile at her and she knows Kylo Ren is dead and Ben Solo is alive.

Captain Kirk & Lieutenant Uhura

This is a Non-Canonical Pairing, but I blame my sister Emily for dragging me on board this one. Kirk and Uhura have some lovely little character moments in the Original Star Trek Series, including several scenes where he is either very protective and gentle with her, or she is exhibiting considerable emotion where he and his safety/wellbeing are concerned. I ended up writing a whole series of short stories about these two, and I must say, I’m still very proud of them!

The Part That Made Me Ship It: Honestly, it was that awful episode “Plato’s Stephildren,” but when Uhura basically admitted she was in love with Kirk, I nearly hit the roof.

Clark Kent & Lois Lane

I’ve shipped these two for nearly my whole life. It started when I first saw the Christopher Reeve films as a kid, simmered in the back of my mind for about fifteen years, and was joyously resurrected when I saw Man of Steel. Amy Adams’ Lois believes in Henry Cavill’s quiet, enigmatic Clark–while he, in return, lives in awe and adoration of this fearless, high-spirited journalist. I wrote three novel-length fanfics about these two–and I still think Amy and Henry are awfully cute together.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: I don’t remember what sparked my interest in the Christopher Reeve movies, but the scene in Man of Steel when Lois and Clark touched hands in the desert sealed the deal for me.

Juliet Ashton and Dawsey Adams

Out of all the relationships on this list, Juliet and Dawsey’s is probably the one I’d most like to have for myself. I relate so much to Juliet, and Dawsey is exactly the kind of guy I’d want to marry: a humble, hard-working homebody. The “friends to lovers” trope is also my favorite kind of romance, both in fiction and in real life. Juliet draws Dawsey out of his own introversion, and he grounds her in the quiet enchantment of Guernsey.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: I’m pretty sure I shipped this one almost from the beginning of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Beren and Luthien

I’m gonna say it right here and now: Beren and Luthien’s story is way better than Aragorn and Arwen’s. It’s adventurous, terrifying, humorous in places, and intensely romantic–and it even has a bittersweet (rather than purely tragic) ending. And Luthien is a far more active, interesting heroine than Arwen…though not even Beren can hold a candle to Aragorn. This was Tolkien’s favorite story in his own “legendarium,” and I admit, I kinda want to write a modern-day retelling one day.

The Part That Made Me Ship It: Beren to Luthien’s father: “Here I have found what I sought not indeed, but finding I would possess forever. Neither rock, nor steel, nor the fires of Morgoth shall keep from me the treasure I desire. For Luthien your daughter is the fairest of all the Children of the World.”

Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightley

Last but not least, the sparkling, hilarious, and poignant relationship between Emma and the no-nonsense, quietly heroic Mr. Knightley is my #1 Jane Austen OTP. Emma needs Mr. Knightley to balance her high spirits and bossy ways–but he, in turn, needs her to lighten his loads and bring her sunshine into his life. The BBC’s 2009 miniseries, starring Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller, remains my favorite adaptation of this absolutely delightful romance!

The Part That Made Me Ship It: “Will you dance, dear Emma?”

Who are your OTPs? Did any of them make this list? Let me know in the comments! You know I’d love to fangirl with y’all about all my darlings 😉

22 thoughts on “I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)

  1. Okay I have All The Thoughts (TM) on this post 😀 😀

    My ultimate Doctor Who OTP is Ten and Rose, but I have much respect for Twelve and Clara as well 😉

    *sobsssssssssssssss* STEVE AND PEGGY GOT THEIR HAPPY ENDING AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL and I do not care At All for the suggestion that Steve “should” have stayed in the present day because it was “wrong” for him to go back in time to pursue his one true love. #nope

    Haha!! My very first Marvel ship was Clint and Natasha xD And I still maintain the chemistry between them was STRONG and PALPABLE. Even in that final scene in the Soul Realm: “You have to let me go … it’s okay.” *WEEPING* ❤ ❤ ❤

    I've seen clips of Victoria and Melbourne together and I agree, They Are Adorbs. #we stan supportive men

    You know my feels on Rey and Ben so I won't rehash them all here but YASSSS. 😀 😀 😀

    Juliet and Dawsey are so sweet!!! I don't think I would go well with a guy like Dawsey, myself, but he is a very perfect love interest all the same and I approve.

    The Romola Garai / Johnny Lee Miller version is Da Best.

    My own favorite OTPs (like you, I have a whole armada, lol!!) would be Ten and Rose from Doctor Who, Liesel and Rudy from The Book Thief, Cath and Levi from Fangirl, Jyn and Cassian from Rogue One (*SOBS*), Nat and Clint from the MCU, and Josh and Donna from The West Wing.


    1. (*applauds enthusiastically*) THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT STEVE AND PEGGY. I was beside myself when I saw that final shot in the theater. It is a rare but beautiful thing when the most long-suffering OTPs actually get the happy ending they deserve. I’m gonna be celebrating that one till the end of time–just you watch.

      Katie, you and I should have matching T-shirts that say “#We Stan Supportive Men.” 😂

      JYN AND CASSIAN, OH MY GOSH. It’s been far too long since I saw Rogue One, and I’m honestly thinking about adding it to my DVD collection in the very near future. But I do remember loving their relationship so much. That was a GOOD MOVIE.

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      1. Amen!!! Tragedy is all well and good; but happy endings for the One True Pairings of this world are rare, precious, and deserve to be celebrated. “I believe that, when you find love, you hold onto it.” – Boy Meets World

        #We Stan Supportive Men–YASSS!!! I would totally wear those matching tshirts with you!! 😀

        My childrensssssssssssss. They were so sweeeeeeeeet ack …


  2. Somehow I feel like I’m loud and opinionated enough on Twitter for you to be able to predict most of my main OTPs by now… 😏😂

    But first I have to say…. Kirk and Uhura??! Someone else ships them too?!! AHHHH
    I never noticed it when I was young and watched the original series with my Dad, but when I went back and watched some episodes now that I’m older, I was shocked at how much I *did* ship them!! It makes me very happy to know someone else saw that connection between them and now I’m sure the next time I rewatch those old episodes I’ll do so with my shippy glasses on 😄

    Even though I don’t ship the Doctor and Clara romantically, you’re right about the chemistry and love between them – it’s incredible and it’s undeniably THERE. It’s for situations like this when I wish there were something between the active idea of “shipping” and the more passive concept of having a “brOTP”. There are plenty of friendships that I love just as much and am at least as invested in as my romantic ships!! It’s too bad to me that there just isn’t a term for “shipping” in a non-romantic sense…

    My very first OTP (the first ship I actively and knowingly shipped and *called* an OTP, in fact) was Kanera from Star Wars Rebels. Kanan and Hera are obviously close and have a deep bond from the very first episode, so much so that many fans thought they were already married for at least the first season. They have a stable, supportive, mutually-appreciative relationship for most of the show, and even though their romance is never at the forefront of the story, their love is quiet but strong. It keeps both of them going through the war they’re fighting and all the hardships that come their way as a result of that. They each have their own very specific strengths and weaknesses, but they compliment each other beautifully, and only *together* can they lead the charge against the Empire.
    I still have lots of emotions about this couple, if you can’t already tell.

    And then of course… my most recent OTP… the Doctor and River Song. I just love how *equally* the Doctor and his wife are portrayed —they’re so DIFFERENT, different strengths and weakness and styles and tendencies and even morals at times, but they wholeheartedly *admire* one another. “Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward… this is what he believes, and this is why I love him.” That line gets me every time because not only is it true, but it’s River so plainly admitting what she loves about the Doctor, why she fell in love with him in the first place — his GOODNESS. It rather reminds me of the relationship between Christ and the Church, tbh… as does the fact that the brainwashed assassin Melody Pond took a new name and identity as River Song, the Doctor’s wife, due to the love he showed her when he was to her only the target she was raised to kill. Even as she DID kill him, he still acted only in love and compassion towards her. “We love him because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) And then as she studied and learned more about him as an archeologist, she fell fully in love with him. Much as studying God’s Word and learning more about him and his Son helps us to better understand and come to more love the Father and the Word incarnate.
    I made those connections not long ago and it’s only made me love the ship more ever since 😂
    And after saying they’re portrayed as equals and then only talking about River’s love for the Doctor, I’ve got to say that I don’t see how anyone can deny the way he looks at her like an utterly infatuated schoolboy, especially with Twelve in The Husbands of River Song. That, my friends, is not the look of duty or obligation — that is a man still desperately in love with the wife he likely thought he’d never see again.

    Oh goodness I have FEELINGS now…

    Also this comment has gotten very long due to my ranting so I’m going to cut it off now by saying STEVE AND PEGGY ARE AMAZING AND DESERVE THE WORLD AND I WILL NOT HEAR ANY HATERS AT THIS TIME THANK YOU. 😛😂


    1. OH MY GOODNESS–somebody else ships Kirk and Uhura!!!! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! 😂😂😂 Kirk and Uhura were my main darlings for quite a while, and I had a whole file of evidence in support of their possible/potential romance. William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols were quite masterful with their discreet but meaningful interactions, in my humble opinion. And Kirk and Uhura totally inspired the hero and heroine in Operation Lionhearted, so there’s that.

      And THANK YOU for all those beautiful thoughts on the Doctor and River Song! While I wouldn’t put them in my “Top Ten OTPs,” I still ship them in their own context! “The Husbands of River Song” remains one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes of all time. LOVE what you said about how Twelve gazes at her like “an utterly infatuated schoolboy,” haha!! So true. Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston needed more episodes together, and that’s a fact.

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      1. Ooh, I’m even more excited to read Operation Lionhearted now, once it makes its published debut!! 🤗

        Haha, looking back at my comment now I feel slightly sheepish for spewing so many words about my ships… I haven’t talked about Kanera in quite a while, and I went on QUITE the rant over the Doctor and River there… *embarrassed chuckle* (tho I do wholeheartedly agree with you that we absolutely should’ve gotten more episodes with Twelve and River 😉).


      2. I love your rants, Shay! Don’t apologize for them–not for one second! I happily gobble ANY information you can feed me about Star Wars (I consider myself your padawan, y’know 😉 ) and I’m ALWAYS here for Doctor Who fangirling!

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  3. Yesssss, Steve and Peggy!!! I was so happy at their happy-ever-after! And I wouldn’t have minded StavexNatasha, but…WHY MARVEL. WHY.

    I’ve never been Reylo shipper though – it’s always been FinnRey for me, ever since TFA came out. I think the part that made me ship it was when he came back for her! *heart eyes every time*


    1. I was so happy, too!!!! And it made perfectly good sense to me. I mean…I’m sorry poor Sousa got the short end of the stick here, but Steve and Peggy just had to be.

      I shipped Finn and Rey, too, after TFA! And while I now see them more as a BrOTP, I still love their relationship so much. I suspect that, post-TROS, Rey will be quite busy training Finn to be a Jedi. On that note, I don’t know why people think Rey was going to stay on Tatooine for the rest of her life. Why would she build a lightsaber if she wasn’t going to use it, and why would she leave Finn and Poe behind forever? And perhaps most importantly, do people rEALLY think Poe would let her take BB-8–his smol precious baby–away from him permanently?! No no no, Rey is going to have a very fulfilling and action-packed life with people who love her–and hopefully we’ll get to see more of their adventures one day. (I can dream, can’t I?)


  4. *feels attack*
    Ok so… imma get the vaguely awkward bit out of the way right off the bat… I know you know I watch Victoria… but I’ve kinda refrained from talking about it too much because… um… I actually hardcore ship Victoria and Albert and I do kinda disagree with your assessment on their relationship, just gonna be honest. So now I’m out of the closet on that…

    MAH BABIES UGHHHHH!!! Reading your DW reviews (and seeing you rant all over the place about Clara and Twelve) is what convinced me to actually watch DW for myself, as it had been a secondhand-fandom up until then. So yeah… I fully stan RiverDoctor but Whouffle/Whouffaldi is my ship. In the show.

    By “in the show” I mean that I have another Doctor Who OTP… from the Big Finish audios. (Which I will never stop ranting about ok? Muahahaha!!!) The Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard are absolutely just pure OTP material and I will fight anyone who says otherwise 😆 he literally was willing to 1) die for her and 2) mess time up… a lot… to save her and she in return was more than willing to die for him and go into basically exile in a… weird other universe (which I can’t fully explain tbh 😅) to be with him. And there’s way more to it than just that but UGHHHHHH I SHIP THE BABIES SO HARD. I shipped it right off the bat, but there’s a bunch of really angsty scenes that are just straight ship-fuel, I’m telling you. (AND THE FIRST RUN OF THEIR AUDIOS IS FREE ON SPOTIFY HEHE… ok sorry I’ll stop now, you have free will 😝)

    This is super weird but I actually don’t ship-ship RiverDoctor in NewWho? I don’t know how it works. I do ship it somehow, just it isn’t very hardcore at all, more like a mental respect and acknowledgement of the relationship (I stan it so hard when people say “it wasn’t real” or whatever else, though). I think that’s mostly because I actually started watching DW *for a ship*, so my entire heart and soul went to the Doctor and Clara right off the bat. But. There’s a catch. Because I have one Doctor/River pairing that I ship with ALLLLLL MY HEART. (And Shay knows what it is…) they only had a couple of things together and it was in the audios, but I ship River and the Sixth Doctor SO MUCH. (It’s actually mostly cos of a fanfic I read with them in it…)

    Um. Outside of DW, I ship Rey and Ben, Kanera, and Ezra/Sabine (also Rebels) and… hehe. Oh yeah. I ship Pidge Holt (whose real name is Katie, btw) and Lance McClain from Voltron Legendary Defender pretty hard. They’re basically just the epitome of all the cute shop tropes: Tol/Smol, snark and banter, etc. It’s very cute.

    As you can tell, most of my mental space is taken up with Doctor Who, lol.


    1. Haha, no problem about the shipping difference! To each his own 😉

      Oh man, Big Finish sounds so awesome. I love how they’re able to fill in all the gaps in the Doctor’s story! BECAUSE WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NEED ALL THE ANSWERS.

      And YES, those Tol/Smol OTPs complete with snark/banter and Complete & Utter Devotion are High Quality Ships, no doubt about it!


  5. I’ve not seen the original Star Trek and I was confused when I first watched the new movies series because 1) We skipped the sex scene 2) Uhura was the only girl and the concept of one-night stands wasn’t something I was really super aware of at that point in time, so I spent a considerable period or time thinking it was Uhura with Kirk in that scene . . . which doesn’t make sense with how she kept him further than arms length. But the chemistry between her and Spock is woza, so definitely prefer that shipping for those movies. I have no idea how canonical that was, not I’m guessing.

    I second Katie on Jyn and Cassian and Natasha and Clint. I’d forgotten about those two until Endgame and then I was furious again. Peter Parker and Gwen in the Amazing Spider Man. Peter Parker and MJ in the newest Spiderman.

    Peggy and Steve, I’m sooo glad they got their ending. I love that she noticed him and knew his worth when he was a little pipsqueak.

    I don’t know if anyone here watches That 70’s Show, but Jackie and Hyde are my newest ship. I watched that show for the first time this year . . . and then watched it again (selecting watching, imho, noncanon storylines towards the end and ending around end of 5/beginning of season 6). It’s not kiddie content, I don’t know what the tv ratings are exactly, but’s pg13 level.

    Speaking of modern tv. Shawn and Juliet from Psych.

    I feel like I don’t usually ship couples that aren’t together unless every single interaction shows a level of chemistry that makes me think they are emotionally cheating if they are with anyone else (Natasha and Clint, Jo and Laurie, yes I went there).


    1. Ahhhhhh another Jo/Laurie shipper!!!!! I first read Little Women when I was 12 and I got SO MAD when they didn’t end up together. The scene when Beth is sick and Laurie kisses Jo’s forehead just absolutely killed my feels, lol.

      And YESYESYES to Jyn and Cassian. RebelCaptain was one of my earliest OTPs and I still remember reading lots of fanfic for them on Wattpad 😋


    2. OH DON’T WORRY–*that* scene in the first of the new movies wasn’t between Kirk and Uhura at all. In fact, she interrupted him and his girlfriend before they could actually *do* anything, and then spent most of the film jUDGING him, haha. In the Original Star Trek there’s more chemistry (in my opinion) between Spock and the Enterprise‘s head nurse, Christine Chapel–but alas, Christine got no more than a passing mention in Star Trek: Into Darkness and they put him with Uhura instead.


  6. Kanan and Hera are usually who I consider my OTP, but I made an entire list of my “fleet” and it has… 21 ships on it. 😆 Some of my other favorites are Faramir and Èowyn, Anne and Gilbert, and Whit and Jenny (From Adventures in Odyssey).


    1. OH WOW, 21 ships–I am IMPRESSED! 😆 And I love Faramir/Eowyn and Anne/Gilbert as well! And I didn’t even mention my love for Stephen Strange/Christine Palmer, or Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor. Alas, I had to keep the post at a manageable length, haha!

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  7. Good gracious, I’m late to your latest post again! Ach! Sincerest apologies, friend; this week has been insanely busy at work, and I’ve found myself trying to sleep as much as possible 😀 !

    Anyways, this post had me so excited! I LOVE your ships, especially Steve and Peggy…ohhhhh their happy ending at the conclusion of Endgame literally made me squeal. I had shipped them from the beginning, and nothing would change my mind about their loveliness.

    And I’m just going to out myself right now about something: right now my OTP on Doctor Who is River Song and the Doctor. What even is that? DoctorSong? RiverDoctor? I don’t even know. BUT. I have just finished watching “The Bells of St. John” and “The Rings of Akhaten” and CLARA OSWALD. SHE. IS. A QUEEN. I’m a bit confused as to how she keeps popping up everywhere, and I honestly am in LOVE with her and The Doctor’s chemistry. She’s a beautiful character, and I’m so excited to see where her story goes. Honestly not sure if I’m going to end up shipping them as my OTP when all of this ends, but who knows? I rather love her!!!

    Ohhhh Sherlock and Irene or Molly didn’t make the list! Just out of curiousity, what is your Sherlock OTP? Just wondering? And how did your heart fare through “The Lying Detective?” Honestly one of the hardest episodes to watch, in my opinion. Have you made it to “The Final Problem?” Ooooh we need to talk about these things!!!

    And AHHHHHHH Reyloooooo. I love that ship so much. I rewatched The Last Jedi on Sunday with my family, and watching that throne room scene again just lit me UP. I love that scene and their connectedness and Rey being torn between choosing the light or choosing Ben. But then we got a little beautiful (but sad) HEA in TROS. Honestly craving more of your fanfic…so excited for the next chapter!

    Look at this; another long comment have I written. Long it is, hmm? *Yodaism* ehehehe

    Thanks for a great post! I think I’m going to write one of these on my bloggy. 😉 It looks so fun!

    Emily 🙂


    1. Oh, don’t worry, Emily–I understand 100%! I was a bit behind on answering comments the other day, so no judgment here.

      I NEVER expected Steve and Peggy to get their HEA, so imagine my absolute surprise and giddy delight during those last thirty seconds of Endgame! Oh man, that movie was an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end. Talk about an unforgettable theater experience.

      I’m not sure what the Doctor and River’s ship is called, actually? If I were going to take a wild stab at it, I’d say “DoctorSong,” especially since it’s a pun on HER actual title as a professor. But I’m SO excited that you’re getting to know Clara!!! Don’t worry, you’re going to get a very satisfying answer to why she keeps popping up; when it all comes together, you’re going to be completely mind-blown. I know I was. And I felt very proud of myself, too, because I actually put the puzzle pieces together before the Doctor did. I love it when that happens; I nearly jumped out of my chair screaming when I realized Major Sholto was the target in “The Sign of Three” before Sherlock solved it himself, haha!

      Hmmm…who’s my Sherlock OTP? I’ve been a Sherlolly girl for a long time…but now your fanfic is making me ship Adlock, haha…and yet at the end of the day, if I had to pick my absolute-hands-down-favorite Sherlock OTP, it would be John and Mary. They’ve broken my heart in Season 4, they really have. I have to admit, I was reeeeeeaaaaaaally disturbed by “The Lying Detective.” I just have a hard time watching bad guys who are nothing more than pure sadists. BUT! The last ten minutes or so with the reconciliation between John and Sherlock–not to mention Eurus’ big reveal!–were AMAZING! I started “The Final Problem” the other night, and I’m hoping to finish it either tonight or tomorrow! I’ll text you on Instagram when I do 🙂

      I’M NEVER GONNA STOP TALKING ABOUT THE THRONE ROOM SCENE, EMILY. I could talk for days about the way she looks at him when Luke’s lightsaber comes flying into her hand. I could wax eloquent about the way he’s surrounded by, like, THREE PRAETORIAN GUARDS and she’s fighting ONE, but he’s more worried about HER than he is about himself. And I could do a whole PowerPoint presentation on how Rey calls him BY HIS REAL NAME and HE RESPONDS EVERY STINKIN’ TIME. Ugh, they’re such life ruiners. Next chapter comes on Saturday, and it’s a humdinger, lemme tell you.

      Also, I’m writing a new story where Rey and Ben adopt all those little Force-sensitive kiddos on Canto Bight. You’ll love it 😉

      Long this comment was, too. Regret nothing, I do.


  8. Victoria and Lord Melbourne:
    ‘And yet…IF the Victoria miniseries was fictional, and IF I were the writer, Victoria would’ve ended up with Melbourne and NOT with Albert, who does very little in their relationship other than make her feel small and stupid. Melbourne, by contrast, believes in her, loves her, and never ever ever insults her intelligence.’

    Yes, I must admit that I am partially biased here since I liked Rufus Sewell’s character in Amazing Grace, but all in all he has an artistic talent for acting as opposed to Tom Hughes in his role as Albert. Historically, Victoria falling in love with Melbourne is ridiculous because she revered him to be a father figure and nothing more. Since this mini-series is not historically accurate – I couldn’t agree with you more! Melbourne was a gentleman to Victoria and gently pushed her toward excellence by encouragement…I wish they would include that touch to Albert’s character.

    Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightly:
    I think you have covered everything perfectly. For me, his facial reaction to Emma’s ‘Men don’t like girls who argue.’ was priceless in this adaptation!

    Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson:
    (From the original books, 1940s movies, 2007 movie, and original Nancy Drew game versions only.[I have no idea what they were thinking with the CW series, they need to call it Riverdale 2.0. True fans do not consider it to be a Nancy Drew series]). I prefer when the writers have them work together on a mystery using their skills to solve it together.
    The part that made me ship it: When he is referred to as ‘Nancy’s Special Friend’ in the books. It should be a close friendship and admiration for one another in a relationship. Their story is sweet and sometimes dangerous depending on who needs saving from the current villain. Who doesn’t love a knight in shining armor coming to save the damsel in distress?

    Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe:
    Such a classic love story on a beautiful island. The competitiveness of Anne trying to beat Gilbert at literally anything in class makes me crack up. Don’t forget the slate she slammed on his head! The costuming and acting on the 1985 adaptation was uncanny! The 1934, 1940 movie versions were good, just not the best. I am warming up to the 1972-1975 mini-series, but what was up with Gilbert’s accent?
    The part that made me ship it: When Gilbert gave up the Avonlea School for Anne. To me, actions speak louder than words – this was just so kind and thoughtful for him to do for Anne. It almost brought me to tears as a youngster…still does.

    Christy Huddleston and David Grantland:
    These two were made for one another. David goes from liking to loving Christy, and they bond over helping the poor living in the mountains. The setting is around 1910 at a missionary school in Cutter Gap, Tennessee. Miss Alice and Christy have talks about love, life, and how to look at them from God’s perspective. Based on a true story that is unlike the 1995 TV series which left us on a cliffhanger…
    The part that made me ship it: When he carried her out of the rain exhausted from travel, pulled her from a burning building, saved her life when in a hostage situation, need I say more?

    Aurora Teagarden and Martin Bartell:
    I know, I know…a Hallmark series…that is surprisingly well-done. (Until they ditch Martin in for another character.)*Eye roll* Can a librarian who is addicted to mysteries and a former CIA agent fall in love? Yes. They have a similar relationship to Nancy/Ned, although both older in age and typically solve murder mysteries together.
    The part that made me ship it: When Aurora and Martin start talking about kids and have a major love stare in the ‘Bundle of Trouble’ episode.

    Hannah Swenson and Mike Kingston:
    Hallmark has done it again…Hannah is a baker in small town who solves mysteries and happens to fall in love with Detective Kingston. I enjoyed the added real-life issues such as the heater in Hannah’s car breaking and Mike fixing it later in the episode as a surprise. I haven’t read the books, but I have heard that they have a different ending to the series.
    The part that made me ship it: I have been shipping them since the beginning. They work best together, and I appreciate the concern that Mike has for Hannah’s safety. I mean she is solving a murder mystery!

    I think I should stop here before I ramble on…that’s enough internet for me today.


  9. Oh, such a sweet post!! I love ones like this. 🙂

    STEVE AND PEGGY!!! Hands-down the best MCU couple! Their HEA in Endgame was…oh, man, it had me grinning so wide with the thrill and sweetness of it. (Yes. Endgame was a rollercoaster from beginning to end).

    ALSO Steve and Natasha! I do ship them in their own context. Their friendship is beautiful. ❤

    Rey and Ben. REY AND BEN. I have squealed so much about those darlings. They are the best. Period, exclamation mark! 😀

    Some of my favorite OTPs…Faramir and Éowyn (LotR), Kanan and Hera (Star Wars Rebels), Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Heather and Smalls (The Green Ember series), Mor and Tanwen (The Weaver Trilogy)…and I'll stop now. 😉


    1. I really feel like, even though Endgame and The Rise of Skywalker broke our hearts and smashed them into teeny-tiny pieces, the Steve/Peggy and Ben/Rey kisses saved us from complete and utter misery 😂😂😂

      OKAY, you’re like the third person who’s mentioned Kanan and Hera as a favorite OTP! I need to read more about these babies. Also Obi-Wan and Satine. I’ve never heard of the Weaver Trilogy, though…what’s that about?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, totally. XD

        AH KANERA! Yes! Star Wars Rebels is just a wonderful show all around!

        The Weaver Trilogy is a fantasy series by Lindsay A. Franklin. I just discovered them this summer and absolutely loved them! I did a book review for the first one on my blog a while back. Here’s the summary: “Tanwen is a story peddler – someone who weaves the stories she spins into crystallized sculptures that she sells to put food in her mouth. Dreaming of greater things than her job of touring Tir with her cruel mentor, Tanwen wants to make her way to the capital city of Urian and become Royal Storyteller to the king. When a treasonous tale spills from her fingers on her tour, Tanwen becomes the king’s prey. Suddenly, a rebel band of weavers finds their way into life her as well. Tanwen encounters secrets and people that have been long suppressed – and discovers that they’re after her, too.”
        I loooove the themes of creativity throughout, and the world and characters are just so beautiful and fleshed-out! Highly recommend! 😀


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