An Emergency Hiatus!

Good morning, friends! This is Emily Betts, a close friend of Maribeth’s and writer of The Altogether Unexpected. I do hope you are finding yourself well on this final Monday of February.

I do have some rather unfortunate news concerning our dear friend Maribeth. Rest assured, she is alive and well, but her right arm is in a less than favorable position. 

In a fateful turn of events this past Tuesday, a blast of rare winter weather hit Louisiana and covered the roads with an unforgivable, slippery layer of ice. Playing with her siblings in the yard, our friend slipped and fell on her arm, breaking her right elbow, which necessitated a surgical procedure full of plates and screws.

As you have probably already concluded, her arm is in a sling, and she is in the relatively painful beginning stages of recovery. The fingers of her right hand are very clumsy and impossible to position over a keyboard right now, so she has resolved to take a break from blogging for a month or so in order to heal properly. She’s told me she hopes to be fit to blog again around mid-March, and I certainly hope she will be! She’s resting well, her family is taking wonderful care of her at home, and she has sent Yours Truly to announce a much-needed blog hiatus.  

She sends her love and heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your prayers and understanding. In the meantime, please do leave comments and warm messages, as she will certainly be reading them during her recovery! She is so thankful to all of you for your faithful continued support and readership, and is so looking forward to coming back to you all soon.

Signing off,


13 thoughts on “An Emergency Hiatus!

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Kristianne! This IS me, btw; I’m just typing with my left hand, which does the job for short comments and tweets but makes blogging incredibly difficult. I hope to be back soon!

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  1. Tell that dear girl that we love her and will be praying heart-felt prayers for swift healing of her arm… to God’s glory! ( I was on the verge of writing to ask her how she was writing to inform us in her earlier messages!) —-I was surmising ambidexterity, left-handedness, or amanuensis 🙂
    Thanks for being the latter Emily!
    Hug her for us…gently ;-}


    1. Hey, Denise–this actually IS Maribeth 😂 I have been able to write those short posts in our Facebook group with my left hand, and that’s how I’m writing this comment too–but writing longer stuff requires a loooooooooot more time and patience. Emily sweetly and graciously offered to write this hiatus announcement while I was still in the hospital. I accept all the (gentle) hugs, haha!

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