Currently: Spring 2021 Edition

You’re reading this post on Monday morning, but I’m actually writing it in the midst of a lovely yet very busy Mother’s Day Weekend. Since my last two posts were both on the long and bookish side, it’s high time I treated you (and myself, haha) to something simpler and shorter.

So without further ado, let’s jump into one of my “Currently” posts!

TRUTH. (Source)
I am currently…

Reading: too many books for my own good, haha. My dad even asked me the other day, “Are you enjoying your book?” and my response was a sheepish, “Which one?” These are the three books I’m reading regularly, though (as opposed to some more scholarly/theological tomes that I crack open during my intermittent “study time”):

Hue and Cry by Elizabeth Yates. It’s a historical novella and the sequel of The Journeyman, which I also recently read at my mom’s recommendation. I prefer The Journeyman, but I’m still enjoying this story of a deaf girl and her farming family in early-19th century New Hampshire.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Everybody’s talking about it thanks to the immensely popular Netflix miniseries, so I thought, “Well hey, if I can find myself a cheap paperback I’ll give it a go.” So far I have NOT regretted this decision. It appeals to me on so many levels: the Imperial Russia aesthetic, the elemental powers of the Grisha (so cool), a YA heroine who is actually likeable, and–I must admit it, I can do no other–the Darkling. When his mother–his motherrrrrrr--foiled his dastardly plans and explained herself by saying, “It is because I love him that I will not let him put himself beyond redemption,” I might’ve died a little bit inside.

Sensing God by Joel Clarkson. This slim volume, packed with sacramental goodness, has been such a reorienting comfort. I’ve had to simplify my quiet time these past three months: between removing overnight bandages, wrapping my arm in a heating pad, often eating a banana to stave off my hunger and keep my blood sugar up, and sometimes even sleeping in an extra hour, I just haven’t had as much time or mental energy right after I wake up. But Sensing God and my prayer/Bible apps have helped me so much in this regard!

Ohhhhh yes, Alina and the Darkling…I am intrigued. (Source)

Watching: I saw Steel Magnolias for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed it. I saw 1917 the weekend before, and Ben and I should be posting our podcast review of that film tomorrow! But really, the one thing I’m kinda obsessed with right now is Hawaii 5-0–namely the CBS reboot. My sister Katie got us into it, and the themes of found family and commonsense patriotism are just…(*chef’s kiss*).

Plus, the sass levels on this show are THROUGH THE ROOF.

They are like an old married couple and I am HERE FOR IT. (Source)

Writing: my article for Cultivating‘s Summer issue…and a little something else, something so tiny and precious that I’m guarding it closely and tending it gently to see how it blooms. Next week, Lord willing, I’ll also begin my FINAL read-through of Operation Lionhearted. I got all the feedback from my beta readers at the end of April, and it’s all both overwhelmingly positive and incredibly helpful! I’m really looking forward to implementing their suggestions.

Looking forward to: meeting my sister Emily’s new kitten! Her name is…drum roll, please…WANDA. Is that not the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard of? Even when she was a kid Emily always said she wanted to own a black cat one day, and now she has one and the precious baby is named after Wanda Maximoff herself.

I want to be this little mouse! (Source)

Deciding: how to get back into my old routine while still changing a few important things! Example: before my accident I probably spent too much time holed up in my writing nook. Now I’m back to going upstairs to write in the mornings while my younger siblings have school, BUT I’m still spending my afternoons and evenings downstairs with everyone else. Even if I want to write in the afternoon, I’ll just do it on the couch. I’ve realized over the past three months that I truly love being with my family, and that I love interacting with them and listening to all the conversations floating through the house…and I don’t want to lose that just because I’m on the road to recovery.

This is me right now…and it’s hard but it’s good. (Source)


  • Louisiana sunshine, warm (but not too warm) days, gentle breezes, and brisk walks.
  • Taylor Swift’s new-and-improved Fearless album (the final chorus of “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is 100% my jam).
  • In a similar vein…new writing music! For some reason my old instrumental playlists aren’t helping me concentrate right now…but Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums are. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to write to music with lyrics! But maybe my old playlists just remind me of stressed-out writing, and I can no longer write well while listening to them.
  • Being able to wash small dishes again! You have no idea how much this feels like a huge accomplishment.
  • My last few weeks of physical therapy (I’m really gonna miss my therapist, guys 😢).
  • No longer having to wear a face mask all the time (praise God for the lifting of mandates!!).
  • The sight of my baby sister Joy finally walking around the house again without her boot (remember how she broke her leg a week after I broke my elbow?). What a little trooper!
  • Tumblr. Sorry, I know I probably shouldn’t be so delighted by a social media app, but it’s been such a source of good, lighthearted fun during my convalescence. And I love the anonymity of it…which is why I don’t have a link here, haha. One day I might be a famous author; wouldn’t it be both hysterical and awesome if I interacted with my fans and they never knew it was me????
(*snickers mysteriously*)

What are y’all up to this spring? I’d love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “Currently: Spring 2021 Edition

  1. I’m so glad you’re recovering is going well Maribeth!
    Shay and I are excited you’re reading Shadow and Bone, because then you can review it for us and let us know of any content issues.
    I’m super happy about less mask mandates too; I work at CFA, and they stopped requiring us to wear them if we’re working in the drive through outside. I love being able to breath and smile again! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Audrey! 🙂

      Ohhhh I didn’t realize I’ve got people waiting on my review, haha! I will say that there was one kissing scene that was a bit too intense–at least in my opinion–but I will also say it wasn’t any worse than the one in the final Lunar Chronicles book. Otherwise I’m thoroughly enjoying it…but I do think I’ll read the other two books before I write my full review.

      Oh, that’s wonderful!!! Yesterday was the first time in a year that we’ve been able to attend church without masks, and let me tell you, the congregational singing was so loud and enthusiastic! It was awesome.


  2. It’s great to hear from you, Maribeth! I’m so glad your recovery is progressing so well! ❤

    Welcome to the listens-to-Taylor-Swift-while-writing club!!! *grins and waves enthusiastically* I tell you what, her songs have helped fuel SO MANY of my stories over the years. She is a master storyteller, and always puts me in the mood to think about characters and character arcs.

    It's really cool that you're enjoying the Shadow and Bone books! I haven't read Shadow and Bone, but I'm a huge Six of Crows fan (Leigh Bardugo's other series). I watched the Netflix show and have mixed feelings about it … whiiiiiiiiiich will probably be coming soon to a blog near you 😉

    The "coffee and Baby Yoda" thing made me grin. Yes, ma'am!


    1. So good to hear from you too, Katie!!

      Thank you for the warm welcome to the listens-to-Taylor-Swift-while-writing Club, haha! I have been so, so impressed by her songwriting skills lately. I know I’ve probably mentioned this to you this before, but “Champagne Problems” still knocks me flat sometimes. “One for the money, two for the show, I never was ready so I watched you go…” It just…each word is just so WELL CHOSEN.

      Okay, I haven’t read Six of Crows yet but I’ve heard it’s good. I finished Shadow & Bone just last night! From what I gather, the show has some distinct differences from the book–one being that the Darkling’s personality is considerably softened. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I thought for sure I’d ship Darklina but by the time I got to the end I was definitely on Team Malina, haha. The Darkling makes Ben Solo look like the Softest, Gentlemanliest Boi.

      Look, I feel like coffee and Baby Yoda definitely promote happiness and success 😉


      1. GAH. “Champagne Problems” is one of my top favorite Evermore songs, too!!! “Your mom’s ring in your pocket, my picture in your wallet, your heart was glass, I dropped it … champagne problems …”

        Big oof, as the kids say. Big oof.

        Six of Crows is incredible. I’m not sure if it would be 100% your thing? (It’s about a bunch of chaotic neutral morally gray teenage crime prodigies, if that helps. xD) But I love it so, soooo much.

        “The softest, gentlemanliest boy,” haha!! In the show … well, I don’t know about other people, but I was VERY TURNED OFF by the Darkling. I ended up skipping all of his scenes because I just had no interest whatever in his character. “That’s a hard no from me.” Meanwhile, Mal in the show is a genuinely nice guy, but I still didn’t feel a lot of chemistry between him and Alina, and wasn’t super invested in either of their storylines.

        In the end, I only watched the show for the Six of Crows characters. Kaz, Inej, and Jesper. And on the one hand, the casting was so incredibly spot-on and the three actors did an amaaaaaazing job … but on the other hand, I didn’t like some of the writers’ choices and felt they misunderstood certain important aspects of the book characters. Particularly Inej. So that’s probably what I’ll end up blogging about.

        Amen 😉 Baby Yoda especially 😉


  3. Meanwhile our governor got vaccinated months ago publicly and is wearing masks outside to public events . . .

    Ok, now I want to try Hawaii 5-0.

    Has tumblr changed then, it was PUTRID when I was on it years ago. Also, I could not for the life of me figure it out, like how to understand it and find things and just the logic of the site.


    1. (*facepalms over your governor*) I do wonder sometimes…

      You should definitely try it!!! It’s SO GOOD. I may do a review of it for my next blog post. It’s one of my favorite TV shows of all time!

      Okay, so I’m honestly not sure if Tumblr is actually much more pleasant now, OR if I’ve just gotten more Internet-savvy and I know how to be ruthless in weeding out the toxic blogs/tags. My Twitter experience improved exponentially once I rid my stream of anything that stressed me out (mostly politics and people who constantly trashed my favorite characters/movies), so I may be experiencing something similar on Tumblr. But I also know of other Tumblr bloggers who’ve commented that all the nasty folks migrated to Twitter, and that Tumblr is much nicer as a result.


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