The Operation Lionhearted Blog Tour Begins (+ a Giveaway)!

At long last, I’ve reached the final stretch in this labor of love. This precious story of mine, a critical part of five of the most meaningful, maturing years of my life, is just nine days out from its grand debut…and therefore I’m delighted to announce the start of the Operation Lionhearted Blog Tour!

What is a blog tour? It’s a stretch of days in which an author and her friends band together to promote her upcoming book on their own websites (and if said author is very, very lucky, she’ll get to do the same one day for her friends’ novels, too πŸ˜‰ )

I’m honored to have eight friends with me on this journey: Caroline, Emily, Shay, Eva-Joy, Amelie, Kristianne, Vanessa, and Kristina. They each have book reviews and/or Author Q&A’s lined up, while I’ll have a special post of my own on Thursday about the world and characters of Operation Lionhearted.

I’m also sharing an exclusive article about the creation and development of Lindy Tremaine in my October newsletter on Wednesday morning–so be on the lookout for that!

Every day until next Wednesday, I’ll be adding links to my friends’ posts HERE on THIS post:

I’ll also be sharing all the links on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me on one or all of those platforms if you’re interested in “touring” with us! (It would be a lot easier than simply coming back to this post every day πŸ˜‚)

As part of the tour festivities, I’m also giving away ONE PAPERBACK COPY of Operation Lionhearted!


(U.S. Entrants only)

The giveaway is open till 11:59 PM on October 12, and I’ll announce the winner in my final post of the tour on Release Day, October 13. Just like the ARC giveaway last month, there are several different options for gaining extra points, so have fun with those!

Last but not least, I just want to remind everyone that the Operation Lionhearted ebook is still available for preorder at a discount of $2.99. On October 14 the price will bump up to $5.99, so if you’re a Kindle reader, be sure to take advantage of the preorder price πŸ™‚

I know that’s a lot of info in one post, but at least it’s all important! Happy touring, friends–and once again, thank you for all your support!

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