A Few Housekeeping Notes Before I Disappear…

I know, I know. I said my next post would be a half-salty, half-sweet review of Titanic, and I fully intended to have a lot of fun with that…and then my very long to-do list crossed its metaphorical arms over its metaphorical chest and raised its metaphorical eyebrow at me in unmistakable, incredulous disapproval.

“And when, pray tell, are you going to find the time to write a blog post like that?” asked the to-do list.

My response was a sheepish shrug…and a slightly-desperate consideration of Plan B.

The truth is that I’m getting married in exactly 7 WEEKS, and I am beyond excited! Casey and I are definitely at the point where we’re counting exact days (49 to go 😉) and the little manse in Mississippi is really looking and feeling like our home. But between my work as a virtual assistant, wedding planning, spending time with Casey, and fully enjoying the next few weeks with my family, I need to (temporarily!) slide my blog onto the back burner.

Starting on August 29 and continuing through the months of September and October, I’ll be publishing reposts of some of my favorite movie and TV reviews. I’ve done this before during busy summers, and I always enjoy revisiting some of these older posts! They’re already prepped and scheduled, too, so that makes things even easier for me. As always, please feel free to leave comments, since I’ll most likely be able to continue engaging with y’all in that way. My plan is to resume my regular every-other-week blogging schedule in November, once I’m fully settled into my new home and my brand-new routine.

In other news, the empty client slots I announced in my last post are now filled! It still amazes me how quickly that happened, not to mention how many responses I received! If virtual assistance is something you’re considering or if you inquired about my services at some point over the past couple of weeks, please remember to subscribe to my newsletter. That’s where I will always, always, always announce I’m taking new clients FIRST–so if you want that early-bird advantage next time I have an open slot, be sure to subscribe!

All right, I’ve got to run. I love this blog and I have no intentions of abandoning it forever, but sometimes you just have to shuffle a few priorities to make way for other beautiful things. Until November, friends! (And watch for those reposts. They’re fun ones!)

8 thoughts on “A Few Housekeeping Notes Before I Disappear…

  1. While I was looking forward to that Titanic review, I completely understand. 😉 SUCH an exciting (and busy) time for you! I hope you’re able to fully enjoy these next several weeks. ❤


    1. Thank you, Eva!! I still hope to write that review of Titanic eventually. It will definitely be a fun post, haha! But I need the time and space to sit down, think about it, and gather my historical sources so I can effectively argue with some of James Cameron’s…ahem…artistic choices 😉

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  2. Dear Maribeth,

    Enjoy wedding planning, wedding, honeymoon, and new life as married woman FIRST.

    Remember, you plan never to do it again (not this way, anyway – and I hope it’s a long time before you even have to think of it).

    Blog posts are OPTIONAL.

    Best wishes you two.




    1. Thank you for that encouragement! It’s hard to step back from the blog when I’ve had it hammered into my head for 2+ years that growing and updating my online platforms is so critical for my business and book…but when something this enormously life-changing and beautiful comes around, I really just want to smile rather coolly at the publishers and agents who told me that and say, “Real and wonderful life calls, ladies and gentleman. The platforms can wait.”


      1. Take a break, without warning, whenever you need it.

        Ignore the hammers. They’re not always right, even if they’re right on average.

        Send picture or two WHEN IT IS ALL OVER.

        Anyone who can’t wait for that or other milestones when you have them (and you will) is not a fan you want.


  3. Absolutely understandable, Maribeth! What a busy, exciting season for you, my friend! I will be praying for you, that all these wonderful moments and activities leading to and the actual wedding will be so blessed. I look forward to revisiting some of your old posts! xx

    Blessings, dear xx


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