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Need a Virtual Assistant? I’m Taking clients!

Just like that, July has given way to August...and if you need a virtual assistant for the next four months of 2022, I have good news: I've got TWO open client slots! Fill out my consultation form HERE! I've been a virtual assistant since January of this year, and over the last 8 months I've … Continue reading Need a Virtual Assistant? I’m Taking clients!

Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”

Once upon a time, a Twitter troll accused Joy Clarkson of being "aggressively happy." Clearly, this person thought they'd delivered the snappiest insult of the 21st century and given Miss Clarkson the what-for. Joy, however, in the Joy Clarksonest way possible, simply thanked the disgruntled individual and added the phrase to her Twitter bio--because, in … Continue reading Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”