Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”

Once upon a time, a Twitter troll accused Joy Clarkson of being "aggressively happy." Clearly, this person thought they'd delivered the snappiest insult of the 21st century and given Miss Clarkson the what-for. Joy, however, in the Joy Clarksonest way possible, simply thanked the disgruntled individual and added the phrase to her Twitter bio--because, in … Continue reading Book Review: “Aggressively Happy”

I’m a Realm Awards Finalist!

Friends! Did y'all see this?! Operation Lionhearted is a 2022 Realm Awards finalist!!! IN TWO CATEGORIES!!!!! I'm still in a state of disbelief. When I entered my novel in the Awards back in January, I just thought, "Well, it's worth a shot." I didn't pin any hopes on it; in fact, I almost forgot about … Continue reading I’m a Realm Awards Finalist!

Movie Review: “Dune”

This review has been a long time coming. Last year I began hearing rumblings about a new/old sci-fi epic ("new" because it was new to me, "old" because it precedes--and even inspired!--Star Wars). By Christmastide, I was completely intrigued. A grand, sweeping tale full of political intrigue and space travel all revolving around a Chosen … Continue reading Movie Review: “Dune”