REPOST: The Star Trek “Rihannsu Series”

As I take a month's hiatus from writing new content for my blog, I invite you to revisit with me a few of my old posts. This one, a slightly-edited review of my favorite Star Trek novel series, was written on my old blog in April of 2016. This is awesome sci-fi literature, folks. And don't forget, … Continue reading REPOST: The Star Trek “Rihannsu Series”

Exciting Writing Updates + A Tag!

I know I didn't update the blog last Monday, but between my Good Friday post and a mile-long list of things to do, I just needed a short break. Last week was full of significant writing accomplishments, though, including 1) mailing my book proposal to a new publisher, 2) submitting my first query letter to a … Continue reading Exciting Writing Updates + A Tag!

I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)

Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments on last week's post! I appreciate each and every one, and I'm so glad if that "recycled" article blessed you in your own purpose-filled journey. But as content as I now am in my singleness, I'm still a hopeless romantic--especially when it comes to stories. I … Continue reading I Ship it Like Fedex (AKA, The Other Valentine’s Day Post)