{Re}Introducing Myself…with a Tag!


Friends, I almost forgot I had a blog post due this week! Between helping my mom with our winter garden, podcasting with my brother, writing a new novel, planning a special blog series, formatting Operation Lionhearted‘s 32 chapters in Scrivener, and preparing my self-publishing/marketing plan, my brain feels like it’s just about reached “Full Capacity.”

Thankfully, Kristianne of the Whimsical Wanderings blog nominated me for the Liebster Award last week! Not only is this tag a Godsend (bless you, Kristianne–you saved A Writer’s Tale this week!), but I also thought it might be a nice way to introduce myself to all my new readers/newsletter subscribers. At the time of this writing, I have 190 FOLLOWERS on A Writer’s Tale and 109 SUBSCRIBERS to The Wordsmithery! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Y’all are helping me build my author’s platform, one subscription at a time–quite a blessing when Big Tech Censorship has me re-evaluating how and where I’ll promote my writing this year.

So without further ado…the Liebster Award Tag!

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash
Kristianne’s questions:

What is your blog all about? What do you write about on there?

“Celebrating Story, Christ, and Craft” (my blog’s tagline) sums up what I do on A Writer’s Tale: I talk about movies, books, and TV shows from the perspective of the Christian imagination. It’s one thing to exercise your Christian worldview while studying a story’s themes and characters, but when you add a well-cultivated, Christ-saturated imagination to the mix, it gives everything a different, more vibrant flavor. I’m very passionate about this subject, so I highly recommend reading my About page and this article from the Anselm Society for more detailed explanations!

 Have you ever finished a full-length writing project or wanted to?

Yes! I started writing my novel, Operation Lionhearted, in October 2016 and finished my first draft a year later. I’ve been editing it (with six drafts so far), sharing it with beta readers, and submitting it to publishers and agents ever since. I recently had a pretty disappointing setback, but I’m confident I can get things back on track within the next few weeks and still have it self-published by Christmas, as planned.

I’ve also finished several full-length Doctor Who and Star Wars fanfiction projects! You can read those on my Archive of Our Own profile 

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert (or an ambivert)?

I am definitely an introvert. I love my church community and my friends, and even I had cabin fever last spring when we were under Lockdown! But I do need to be quiet and recollect myself after any significant socializing.

What inspires you the most? Certain books? Movies? Music?

I would have to say movies and television shows. My mom, sisters, and I have been obsessed with the Hawaii 5-0 reboot these past few weeks, and it’s gotten my imagination so fired up, I’m actually writing more effortlessly and happily than I have in a long time! Operation Lionhearted was inspired by Star Trek and the Mission Impossible movies, and all my fanfics were driven by my intense love for various films or shows.

What book are you reading right now? (Or if you’re not reading anything right now, what was the last book you read?)

I’m currently reading four different books:

  1. A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L’Engleby Sarah Arthur
  2. The Princess and the Goblinby George MacDonald
  3. Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Lifeby Sarah Clarkson
  4. The Interior Castleby Saint Teresa of Avila
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What kind of music do you like to listen to (if at all)?

I’ve spent a lot of time with Taylor Swift’s most recent albums lately, but I also enjoy Josh Groban, old Russian Orthodox hymns (seriously), Fernando Ortega, Michael Card, Alison Krauss, Owl City, Celtic Woman, Two Benedictions, Steven Curtis Chapman, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, and Hamilton. But mainly I listen to instrumental and movie soundtracks. John Williams, George Winston, Howard Shore, and Joel Clarkson are my daily companions while I write.

Which type of character would you like to be in a book? The protagonist? Mentor? Sidekick?

Ooooooh, this is a great question! I would love to be the Mentor figure. This isn’t really surprising: I share a personality type with Galadriel and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I’ve always said I want to be like Call the Midwife’s Sister Julienne when I grow up.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I spend two weeks in England in 2013, so I’m going to avoid the obvious answer of “going back to the UK” and choose Central Europe instead. The history, architecture, and landscapes of countries like Germany, Austria, and Hungary are especially compelling to me. And since I already know a smattering of German and really enjoy learning that language, I think I’d hold my own over there 😉

Firstly, this is one of my favorite pics from London, and secondly…WOW, I was such a baby in 2013 XD

What is your favorite season? Why?

Down here in Louisiana we wear short sleeves and keep the air conditioner running on full blast for about 70% of the year…so when autumn finally get here with its cooler temperatures, cloudless skies, and longer shadows, we’re beside ourselves with glee!

Generally, which do you prefer: books or movies? Why?

I know the “right answer” should be “books,” but again, I feel like I’m often more affected and inspired by movies. Perhaps it’s because I’m a very visual person?

Who is someone you look up to and want to emulate? (It can even be someone from the past.)

I could never limit this to just one person! My list of role models includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • my mom, who, in the words of Wendell Berry, is “joyful, though [she has] considered all the facts…”
  • Saint Teresa of Avila, whose joy, humor, and passion for Christ reassure and inspire me to go further up and further in…
  • Sarah Clarkson, who is possibly the most personally relatable, contemporary Christian author I’ve read…
  • and Peggy Carter, who stands up for herself and never loses her dignity while doing it.
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If you are a blogger who’d like to take these questions and run with them on your own site, go for it! Or, if you’d like to share your answers in my comments section, feel free to do that as well! I’d love to see your answers for these questions!

12 thoughts on “{Re}Introducing Myself…with a Tag!

  1. This was such a fun read! Welcome back! I love the idea of being a mentor-figure character. It’s super telling about who you must be as a person! I’m looking forward to reading more of your content! 🙂


  2. I definitely know what you mean about the tremendous relief of the (brief) autumn season here in the Deep South …

    Okay but “Hamilton” is LIFE. *goes to listen to the soundtrack for the umpteenth time*


    1. Hamilton is the best kind of music for 1) working out, 2) cleaning house, or 3) putting on a sibling’s wedding. I speak from personal experience on all three options 😂


  3. *squeals that Operation Lionhearted is getting published* I’ve been so excited ever since reading about it for the first time on here!! 😁
    Movie/instrumental soundtracks are my music of choice most of the time, as well. (Some of my top songs on Spotify from last year were “The Avengers” and “Edoras,” sooo…😅)
    I read Book Girl last summer and enjoyed it!


    1. So sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get back to you on this, Amelie! I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you’re so excited about Operation Lionhearted. It makes ME excited to know there are people out there who really want to read it!

      Okay, those Spotify selections are ON POINT. I listen to the LOTR soundtracks all the time, and while the Avengers soundtracks tend to be a little too action-y for my writing time, I still enjoy them!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved reading your answers! (And I’m glad I could save The Writer’s Tale from complete disaster! 😉
    That’s so exciting that you’re working on publishing Operation Lionhearted! I’ll be praying about that. I can’t wait to read it when it comes out!! All those books you’re reading sound really good! I’ve been wanting to read Book Girl, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I would also want to be the mentor in a story! And I love how you described all your role models. Moms really are the best!
    Thanks for this great post!


  5. Hello, Maribeth! Eeeek! I loved SO much about this post and your approach and responses to these questions. It’s nice to get to know a bit about the author and blogger behind the words! I really love the tagline and concept of “Celebrating Story, Christ, and Craft” -that is just excellent. I love Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, and listening to Howard Shore (the man is genius). The Lord of the Rings soundtracks are just gorgeous. The whole traveling to Europe (and Scandinavia) is my lifelong dream to… live there. The culture, architecture, history, landscapes, and art are all immensely beautiful. It made me super excited to see that you have written fanfiction for Doctor Who!! *squeals in giddy nerd*.

    Also, I read your most recent blog post and I hope that your recovery continues to improve and go smoothly. We have a mutual friend, Emily (who is phenomenal). I shall be along for the ride in further reading, and further exploring all your content here!

    Cheers, Audrianna.


    1. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed your exploration of my blog, Audrianna! (I love your name, by the way–so beautiful.) This particular blog-post was really fun to write. Ahh yes, Howard Shore is indeed genius; my littlest sisters have been watching The Lord of the Rings recently, and even though they’re in the bedroom and I’m usually on the couch in the living room (my “spot” while I can’t easily access my writing desk), I can still hear that wonderful music and know EXACTLY which scene they’re on.

      Ohhh yes, I wrote several Doctor Who fanfics! I’m a devoted Whouffaldi shipper, so I was determined to give Twelve and Clara a happier ending in my stories. Actually, I just do that for ALL of my fanfics no matter the fandom, haha. Writers and directors never seem to be kind to my sweet babies, so I give them the happiness they deserve.

      Thank you so much for your good wishes regarding my recovery, too. I still have a loooooooooong road ahead of me, but God has been very good and I know He will continue to show His faithfulness to me 🙂


      1. You truly have an amazing blog here, Maribeth! I’m so excited about it all, honestly. And thank you; that’s so kind of you! Yay, that’s so good to hear. It’s extra nice to enjoy the writing, isn’t it? Ooh, The Lord of the Rings films are exceptional in all respects. I bet there have been many adjustments with that during your recovery! I hope all of those are becoming a bit more manageable. How funny, I was actually just watching Fellowship of the Ring! Ahh, the ability to pinpoint the scenes by the soundtrack is always a great ability, hehe.

        OOOH! *beams* I shall have to check those out and read them! I actually had to look up the Whouffaldi… definitely love it!!! I hadn’t heard of the term but yes, yes, yes, I like it! Ugh, the ending between 12 and Clara was so heartbreaking and fulfilling. I loved Clara’s backstory and connection with the Doctor. A happier ending is much deserved- I shall be reading it 🙂 I know, right?! I feel like the majority of the characters I love and connect with end up getting written out unkindly and I must part with them… *wipes tears*.

        And you are most welcome! I’ll be praying for your recovery! I’m so glad to hear that, and the ways that God has been so good through it all. He’ll be right there with you 🙂


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