Behold, the Giveaway Winners!

You signed up for the giveaway, you secured your extra points, and you waited patiently…AND NOW THE TIME HAS COME!!! Behold, the winners of the Operation Lionhearted ARC Giveaway!

(*insert drum roll here, please*)

For the paperback giveaway (U.S. residents only)…

And for the digital giveaway (international residents only)…

Here, have a celebratory GIF!

CONGRATULATIONS, ALL YOU MERRY PEEPS!!! I have emailed each of you, but I just wanted to give you all a public shout-out here on the blog. And I want to thank everyone for entering the giveaways and sharing it on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Y’all are the best and I so appreciate your enthusiasm for this book baby of mine.

On Monday morning, I’ll be sharing a Google Form for my upcoming blog tour! See you then 😉

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