DISCLAIMER: This page will be updated as I add more titles to each list. Some posts contain more than one review, which is why I haven’t listed them alphabetically. Links are instead posted according to the date they were published, but be aware: some of them are from The Formidable Courage Archive and date as far back as 2012. Some of my opinions may have changed since then! Since comments are disabled on archived posts, feel free to leave any questions or comments regarding them on this page or contact me directly.

Doctor Who: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe (archive)

Star Trek: Season 1 (archive)

Star Trek: Season 2 (archive)

T.J. Hooker: Vengeance is Mine (archive)

Wolf Hall + Call the Midwife Season 6 (archive)

Star Trek: The Man Trap (archive)

Band of Brothers (archive)

Victoria: Season 1 (archive)

Doctor Who: Series 7 (archive)

Victoria: Season 2 (archive)

Doctor Who: Series 8

Doctor Who: Series 9

Doctor Who: Series 10

All Creatures Great and Small


The Crown, Season 2

Victoria, Season 3

Doctor Who: The Russell T. Davies Era

Doctor Who: The Steven Moffat Era

Lark Rise to Candleford



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